Kerryann's Classic British Prawn Cocktail

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(PP) Contains product placement. Kerryann shares her classic Christmas day starter: Juicy shrimp & prawns, bedded in a fresh green salad, dressed in tangy pink sauce, all served in stylish cocktail glasses. A simple, traditional dish … and her family’s favourite every year!

What do you enjoy for a starter on Christmas Day? We’d love to hear from you so get involved and leave a message in the comments box below!

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OceanRae says:

I only came here because I was thing of prawn cocktail chips.

samantha palmer says:

This looks lovely! This is basically thousand Island dressing! 😘

nazia andrews says:

Love your simple prawn cocktail, enjoyed it on my own on Christmas Day xxx

Hedge Hog says:

I say it's all going come out the same hole

Niki Guymer says:

You forgot a couple of dashe's of Worchestershire sauce gal!!! BOOM

Martin Vincent says:

Bless Her, Jamie Oliver

Norma Southwood says:

She deserves her success…I remember her from Jamie's programme, "15".

Kury Kury says:

do English people enjoy to be spoken to as if they were imbeciles? why are all their shows like this? I don't get it

L says:

We have whisky lmao


WOW are these vegan… they just look so tasty??!

Vishnu Teja says:

wer jus onna cut eh off !


down to earth lass. love it.

Plummet says:

Missing avocado but pretty close

David Sultana says:

Brandy in the sauce


Awesome. I will try this for lunch

seattwa says:

Cocktail?? Isn't that a shrimp salad with Russian dressing?? Still looks good, but I would add a bit of that "sauce" over the salad before adding on the prawns and more of the sauce.

Rachel Hudson says:

I add a tiny drop of brandy or vodka and a little dash of chili sauce and Worcester sauce.

gkgyver says:

Why is this hog on Jamie Oliver's channel?
First of all, this is the same damn recipe as all other prawn cocktails, with some cucumber and onion thrown in, and second of all, how is one supposed to eat that, when you fill it up to the very top and beyond, stupid cow? And since you didn't bother layering the sauce, you'd have to eat the pure prawns drowned in sauce first, then you get to raw, unseasoned, undressed salad. Uggh

Dragon's Life says:

I'm only 5 years late 😂

ROAR 8389 says:

It’s beangead

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