Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe | Veg Mayo Sandwich | Easy & Quick Mayo Sandwich | Sandwich Recipe

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How to make Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe – Veg Mayo Sandwich – Easy & Quick Mayo Sandwich – Sandwich Recipe – Indian Vegetarian Recipe.

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Zikriya Baba says:

Your video is short and sweet….. It's amazing idr…… 🥳

Mariya Ray says:

Waaooooo……. Good idea…. Specially for jobians.. 🥳

Altaf hussain says:


Ramsha Shaikh says:

I loved the mayo sandwich it is looking so delicious and beautiful and it is so easy to cook and eat it

Sadqua 14 says:

Kaun kaun recipe dekhne s pehle comments dekh r h 😂

aadya sharma says:

I will watch the entire ad in his video so as to support Him/her

Faisal Nabu says:

Black papper and white paper skip kr sakte hai

Manoj kumar Sahu says:

Can we fry it on tava

Mya Phyu says:

What type of bread was that?

BRAR says:

Yummy recipe

vinit singh says:

Omg these sandwiche is brilliant. I mean lt, s look like a cheese bread but these bread is mayonnaise bread and l have ask to every body these recipe is superp

Palak Khandelwal says:

Delighted recipe😋

Vilas Vispute says:

I will try this… yummy 🤩😘💕😊😊🎉🎉💯

Rita Purkayastha says:

Is that butter really required ? As I want to make this sandwich for my son who is having allergy from butter and ghee

bangtan_tamil_army says:

What is meaning of mayonnaise,I don't understand what is that??

Moazia Tariq says:

tasty , yummy

vishi vani says:

My favourite sandwich 😋😋😋💕💕👍✌👏👌

sarbjeetsingh8119 singh says:

which companies mayonnaise are you using

Varun Rode says:

My favourite

Arasalan Baig says:

If I want to eat sandwich later , can I keep mayo veggie mixture out or in the fridge please reply me soon

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