World Vegetarian Day 1st OCTOBER

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World Vegetarian Day

Vegetarian Day

Song & Music Credit – The Singing Walrus


Katha Kahani Bunkar says:

Happy world vegetarian Day
Eat green stay healthy🥕🥒🥦🥬🍆🍅🍠😀

Pooja Kalra says:

Be vegetarian Be healthy👍

Bhawna Gautam says:

Effective explanation of veggies.. Very nice 👏👏

Thakran Parveen says:

Happy vegetarian day

Geetika Dhawan says:

Happy vegetarian day anju mam🍅🌽🍠

Life & Happiness says:

Fruits and vegetable are best vegetarian …be healthy and grow more trees 🍒🍒

MG mg says:

Happy Vegetarian Day …🍉🍐🍇🥔

Manju Garg says:

Be vegetarian be healthy 👍👍


Eat fruits and vegetables …be healthy …save planet….Happy Vegetarian Day 🍎🍒

Radhesham Gupta says:

On world vegetarian day good comments for eating fruit and veggies for good health and environment

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