3 *healthy* VEGAN MEXICAN RECIPES 😎 perfect for cinco de mayo

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We’re making 3 healthy vegan mexican recipes perfect for Cinco de Mayo! We’ve got vegan quesadillas with a vegan queso dip, an easy mason jar salad and some healthy vegan nachos! 💚
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– SWEET POTATO NACHOS: https://www.simplyquinoa.com/sweet-potato-quinoa-nachos/

– MEXCAN MASON JAR SALAD: https://www.simplyquinoa.com/vegetarian-taco-mason-jar-salad/

6 tortillas
1 cup vegan cheese
1 can kidney beans
1 teaspoon chipotle & cumin
Pinhc of salt
Vegan Queso Sauce (+ 1 chili in adobo): https://www.simplyquinoa.com/vegan-kimchi-queso-dip/

⇢ Make the queso dip.
⇢ Mash the beans, spices and salt until almost smooth.
⇢ Heat skillet over medium heat. Spray with cooking spay and add one tortilla. Top with cheese, a layer of beans, more cheese and another tortilla. Cook on each side for 2 – 3 minutes.
⇢ Cut into triangles and dip into queso!


– Blender Jar: http://amzn.to/2sk01SL
– Mason Jars: https://amzn.to/2rc8zeS
– White Mason Jar Lids: https://amzn.to/2rcpChz





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Michel Alcaraz says:

This isn't really mexican but it sure looks delicious

Jean Little says:

looks awesome!

vanu saggar says:

What is vegan cheese made of?

Just Veganin says:

love good vegan Mexican…. if your ever looking for a good vegan restaurant in london check out Club Mexicana… they one in the Camden market and in Shoreditch and the are at the spread Eagle pub In Homerton. Check these outs 🙂

Linda Criscitello says:

The written instructions for the Vegan Quesadillas and the Queso dip don't match the video instructions. Would you please go back and edit? They look great but would love this clarification. Thanks!

Rebeca Velasco says:

I’ve made that goddamned queso 3 times and i can’t stop eating it. Awesome recipe! Seriously. It’s sooooo good.

Elizabeth Harnett says:

Made the salad today for lunch. I used canned mexican corn. And i subbed cashew butter for tahini because mine went bad haha super good. I could make it more spicy next time!

Gum Arabic USA says:

Have you heard of Probiotics and Prebiotics and how they can greatly impact your weight and health?

Saira says:

Do you have a recipe for the almond flour tortillas? Struggling finding a recipe for gf tortillas that actually taste good!

Mll2. x says:

I really liked the recipes. i will try them defiantly

L. Aramburo says:

Oh man these a,l look sooo delicious 😋👌🏽😍🌹

Ay Katie says:

GIRL, these are awesome!! Love that these don’t have citrus, because my mom wants to try more vegan recipes, but is severely allergic to citrus.

Evolution of Masha says:

LOVE!!! All of those are great ideas! I love that "no soggy" salad on the go!

Kelly Beechen says:

Wow. These recipes look yummy and beautiful!


Hello how are you great job I'm tray it God bless you thanks😊🌼🌹

Su Su says:

I love your quinoa ebook, will you be emailing a vegan one?! Thank you

Thanuja Z says:

Love this Alyssa!! Can't wait to try… Thank you!

lynn says:

Fantastic video. I will be trying all of these.

Griselda Pacheco says:

Mmmm 🤤 yummy, I’m Mexican and love ❤️ all of the recipes. I’m definitely going to make them. One thing that I love to make on Tuesdays is Lentil Tacos 🌮

Lucy Lu says:

Going to make each of these Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to celebrate haha. Thanks again Alyssa!

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