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Super simple and incredibly tasty vegan meals…all for under £1 per serving. Yes please.

‘Chorizo’ Mushroom + Cajun Fried Rice: http://sovegan.co/caj
Middle-Eastern Spiced Aubergine Pizza: http://sovegan.co/aubpiz
Spaghetti Lentil Ragu: http://sovegan.co/rag

The prices of ingredients will differ depending on where you live. We priced these recipes based on the price of ingredients at our local supermarket here in London.

Get your copy of our cookbook ONE POT VEGAN http://sovegan.co/opva

Get more recipes at http://www.wearesovegan.com



Ah thank you so much !!

Lauri van Oosterom says:

These meals all look so delicous and super easy. Especially that pizza, seems like a must try!

Claudi Gusti says:

Looks so delicous and beautiful! Thank you, will try the pasta today 🥰

Boom Me says:

the rice dish looks awesome. cant wait to try it. thanks for a great video, some awsome tips for someone like me who cant cook!

Sandra Carli says:

Nice recipes, thanks! I will just reduce the oil quantity.

HX O says:

Really amazing you guys

яков галицких says:

After this "food" you would be hungry after 2 hours , whats the point ?

Vana Markarian says:

all the recipes looks amazing.. since u have zaatar try the #1 Lebanese breakfast mix some zaatar with olive oil and salt and spread it over a dough and bake it serve with some tomato, olives & mint soooo good!!

David's Allotment Garden says:

Excellent video and recipes So Vegan and I have your So Vegan in 5 the 5 ingredient cook book. I have also subscribed to your channel because I want to support more UK based channels.

Crystal Moet says:

You guys should have a show on a cooking channel, it's so well done

edie ann V says:

I love these videos. Plant based eating doesn't have to be expensive!!!!

619alexmaestro says:

All looks amazeballs.

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