I Tested 3 YouTuber Vegan Mac & Cheese Recipes | Hot for Food, Tabitha Brown and Sweet Potato Soul

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The first 1000 people to click the link will get a free trial of Skillshare’s Premium Membership: https://skl.sh/edgyveg12201 In today’s video I decided to test 3 youtubers vegan mac and cheese recipes from Hot for Food, Tabitha Brown and Sweet Potato Soul. Which was the best?!

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M M says:

I’m so disappointed that you didn’t say like so like that while you were making Tab’s recipe! Lol

Andrea Chua says:

Tabitha's recipe is not accessible! We don't have vegan cheese here

jacineiffer1 says:

Totally pick up an accent with tv shows and even just speaking with people. 🤷‍♀️

Christine Hier says:

Is it possible to include links for all recipes? You have yours but couldn’t find theirs so means time to search them each out separately. Enjoy these vids, ty.

Penumbra says:

Big green thumbs up over here

lilywhitelilith91 says:

You might have more success with Tabitha Brown's recipe by using more butternut squash! Then you wouldn't need to try to thicken it up at the end. Here is what I do: half a large butternut squash, one medium potato, garlic seasoning, one whole stick of vegan butter, 3-4 tbsp nutritional yeast, 3/4 cup non dairy yogurt, half package of both cheddar and mozz vegan cheese, and salt and pepper generously. Honestly I think the more squash the better. My sauce always ends up being super thick and amazingly delicious. I highly recommend you try it again!! 🙂

Vanessa Giesbrecht says:

i screamed when she tried to pronounce joghurt in german

Plant Glutton says:

I didn’t try the others but Tabitha nocked this one out of the park! I used carrots instead cause I didn’t have any squash and it was still to die for!!

1024specialkay says:

please test rainbowplantlife!

Vegan Jersey Girl says:

So I just finished Shitt’s Creek… and I keep going into all of their dialects lol. I make no apologies lol. But I tend to go into accents a lot lol. These all look sooooo good.

Mike Friesen says:

If I was going to do brussel sprout mac and cheese, I would first blanche the brussel sprouts, then toss them in… The garbage, and make it with ANY OTHER GREEN!…

Mike Friesen says:

Love these vegan recipe comparisons! Subscribed!
Sheppard's pie please!

Larissa Pinto says:

I don't know why YouTube recommended me your video (I'm not vegan but I'd love to try incorporating the vegan food in my lifestyle) but I was halfway into the video and you had me clicking that subscribe button. ❤️

Tige Katz says:

I love these comparing videos

caprisun 420 says:

what is the best plain non dairy yogurt? i've veganized everything else in my diet but i love plain greek yogurt and can't seem to find an alternative that doesn't taste like cardboard.

Taleia Jennings says:

Tabatha say if you wanna bake it you can cause that’s yoe business

B. Mcleod says:

I love my mac and cheese with Brussels sprouts or cauliflower, but I've learned to keep them separate, because left-over mac and cheese is yummy, but the veg goes off quickly.

ChaoticDoll says:

Interested in knowing what British show's you are watching.

Born To Make History says:

I want that blouse!!!
Where'd you get it?

Also, yummmmm. Mac and cheese!!

Kx says:

love this so so much! something sweet next

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