TIPS FOR HEALING IBS | vegan low FODMAP recipes

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Do you struggle with IBS? Then this video is for you! And if you have any tips for healing IBS, drop them in the comments below!

*Vegan Probiotic:

Sesame Tempeh Rice Bowl:

Quinoa-Stuffed Acorn Squash:

*Low FODMAP for IBS:

*Low and High FODMAP Food List:
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Ethan Maysonet says:

I want to learn how to cook like you! I am a single parent and would love to buy affordable vegan foods to help me with IBS and stress.

pyarkaaloo says:

Where did u get that teapot? 🫖😍😍

Heather George says:

This is a very helpful video. Thank you so much! I'm new to your videos and foods, but have tried several recipes and absolutely love them!

Simone Lund says:

Nooo not weird poop is aa lovely thing with ibs 😅🤣😳 but yea vegan diet healpth me alot 👍🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Boo Moon says:

I thought that we should avoid fermented foods on a low fodmap diet

Hannah Star says:

The amount of times I go to the bathroom in a day is ridiculous it sucks

Mr mark willams says:

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Nicole Welch says:

Once again, thank you for all you advice! So thankful for natural remedies and no more medication! I used to roll my eyes about veganism and didn't think it worked. I'm so amazed by how much better I feel! Thank you!

Richard Troxell says:

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dudebaiao says:

Hi Nisha, Your tips are amazing. I just enjoy ur knowledge that you are sharing with us. Im grateful thanks, Im really trying to implement this prebiotics in my diet. I‘ve to try this tips.
For example the Sauerkraut, or the miso in the salad.

The Tarot Genie - Laura Venecia Rodriguez says:

I love your channel! So happy I found it. I find you to be so engaging, down-to-earth, intelligent, friendly, and beautiful. You are my daughter's age and I have gotten her to start watching your channel. Thanks for these excellent videos!

Amy Schumborg says:

What kind of tea ???

Gem girl says:

Eggs are a huge NO NO for me😣

MADU With Country Foods says:


Wendy Lohman says:

Everyone tells me how healing bone broth is. How can I get the benefits as a vegan?

s says:

you are beautiful but i feel you need thinner eyebrow since its really black and good and you have small face you will look more beautiful just how Kajol and Karishma did after their initial days in movies they changd from thick to little thinner arched eyebrows

Lora Budd says:

You have to be a Virgo?

Aisha says:

I'm in law school dealing w/ flare ups so I really needed this, thank you <3

Sandy F. says:

Wow, this time stress has caused my current flare up. Two weeks now and I'm miserable. Im not tolerating anything I eat, even the good food. I would also like to go vegan.


I'm IBS in Japan, and want be to vegan. Thank you making this video. ( please JPN sub 😥💧)
I’m going to spend low stress low FODMAP life. It doesn’t be perfectly perfect.

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