VEGETARIAN Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass It On S1 E10

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10 minutes each. A vegetarian brief. Access to a bunch of ingredients. What else could they need? Maybe a solid definition on the meaning of vegetarian by the looks of things. Let us know how you think the guys did and rate them down in the comments below!

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Yiannis Panagidis says:

Ben nailed it

Bianca Malan says:

Mike <3<3<3

fakeguru says:

y'know i always favored Mike as he never fails to make me laugh; but when Ebbers threw cashews in with those spices? –> 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Megan Woodrow says:

Barry's utter shock at Mike having started well is incredible

Abilene Reese says:

#1 Mike
#2 Ben
#3 Jamie
#4 James
#5 Barry

S S says:

More of these!!

Count Thunderclout says:

6:36 Does anyone know what brand that pan is second from the right?

Jackie Kiley says:

I've made this dish myself and it was delicious!! Well done boys!

Harry Todhunter says:

When Mike says “cloud egg” the subtitles say “cloudick”

MeeowzerStrike Lo says:

I just watched this with subtitles for the first time and I love that is says cloudick instead of cloudegg when Mike talks about Barry ignoring him and making a cloudegg XD I am have never been so happy to have forgotten to turn off the subtitles!

Alan Stern says:

Use a tasting spoon. Don't just put the stirring utensil in your face and back in.

Sophie Bennett says:

It's funny that they made a great vegan dish here and yet the vegan pass it on was such a shit show!

David H says:

Mike did such a great start. Ben honestly look so happy and was having so much fun. It was so up lifting to watch him do what he loves.

Orlana Helmes says:

It would take less time and taste better for Baz to cut and grill the pepper than the spend half his time blowtorching the thing. Save the blowtorch for small things, Barry!

Tom Maier says:

Ok is draining rice an english trend? I never noticed it happening until Uncle Rodger and now it keeps popping up when i watch English cooks

Amethyst Jean says:

Okay, so plenty of fails in Pass it on…this one I will make!

AussieAnnie62 says:

I like how it says 'Vegetarian' and actually it's Vegan.

flandrble says:

Draining rice?

Lilly Ess says:

Straining the rice though 😟

ro se says:

Clicked on the vidio for the third time just wo watch that damn pepper again lmaoo

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