Binging with Babish: Boeuf Bourguignon from Julie & Julia

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Frequently, watching a Meryl Streep movie means you’re watching it for Meryl Streep, and not much else. But in the case of Julie & Julia, a host of stunning food porn accompanies Streep’s charming turn as the late/great Julia Child. Does the recipe from Julia’s first-ever television appearance stand the test of time?

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mwhiteschock says:

I made this today and it went over and above my expectations! It was the most flavorful thing I’ve ever eaten

West white says:

julia is the goat

Le cornichon en pot says:

Hey, as a French person, my dad also puts some orange zest + juice in the boeuf bourguignon ! It can add a nice flavour too, though peculiar

Robyn Mccoy says:

The nice lute sicily cross because feeling superficially level excluding a funny astronomy. silly, distinct potato

Christopher Livia says:

Theres 4 components that are wrong here

Antares Harrison says:

Alternatively, you can freeze-dry it and make dog food out of this dish.

Comments I Guess says:

You can say that he's fond of fond.

Jett Rink says:

On what planet is this following Julia's recipe?

Mike E says:

Lovely, but this is (I think) the film version and definitely not the recipe in Mastering the Art or from The French Chef. My own recipe is based on Julia's, so I know hers like the back of my hand. Julia would always remove the carrots and sliced onions before serving, though, like you, I don't – the onions should dissolve with the long cooking and if the carrots are chopped large enough, they oughtn't need removing.

samaritz designs says:

Now I need more Babish impersonations of Julia Child! Voice & recipes 🤗

Patrick Knowd says:

Do you preheat the Dutch oven before putting the beef in?

Jacob Hall says:

Queen of the French Cooking

Jacques Diallo says:

Not the real Boeuf Bourgignon but look very tasty

Meli Ocasio says:

Came for the recipe, stayed for the Julia child impression 😂 this looks delicious I can’t wait to make it

Blaise Avey says:

I literally thought the voice at the end was Julia Child 💀

Cyndi Foore says:

I made a version of this tonight and it came out wonderful. One of my favorite dishes too..

Rob the Traveler says:

I love how he never pronounces the "a" in "saucepan." 😛

Gabriella Comito says:

And do you also know of the letter æ?

Ari Mata says:

Love it, but I do like to roast the onions cut in half. Well caramelized is the only way I can eat onions.

Jean Paul says:

That's a modified version of what Julia cooked on her show. See the real deal on YouTube.

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