Guy Fieri Tries INSANE Vegan CRUNCHWRAP | Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with Guy Fieri | Food Network

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“The crunchwrap is this ooey, gooey mess of awesomeness with the beans, the queso and the rice, inside this crunchy flour tortilla that’s just toasted and grilled to perfection.” The twist? It’s all vegan.

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Guy Fieri takes a cross-country road trip to visit some of America’s classic “greasy spoon” restaurants — diners, drive-ins and dives — that have been doing it right for decades. Catch a new episode of #DDD every Friday at 9|8c!

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Guy Fieri Tries INSANE Vegan CRUNCHWRAP | Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with Guy Fieri | Food Network


Spencer Taylor says:

wow very eye opening, thank you.

kevinwilliamc says:

I eat here often. Great vegan restaurant!

Jessica LT says:

Package these in a healthy way to sell!

Jessica LT says:

Little oil? Whew. Looks delicious, though.

Healthy Living With Chris Gault says:

Awesome, I'm vegan so this is great!

Swedish Seacon says:

I haven't watched this show in a while but has Guy lost weight? He looks skinnier.

Harriet Thiery says:

Can anyone send me the recipe for this please? When I try to click through to the Food Network link it redirects me to as I'm based in the UK, and I can't find the recipe on there! Thanks

Primelad says:

This looks really 🔥🔥

Remigijus Girdzius says:

Season and series ?

Nathan Hilarides says:

Why get rid of the avocado? It’s a plant food!

Pooter Go f*ck yourself says:

And that's how you produce limp wristed soy boys

Spriggs_FM says:

wait.. why not real avocado? unless of course it's not in season and you don't have any then yeah I get it.

03ekahas says:

Looks amazing I wanna try it !

Melinda Poullion says:

Looks amazing

oracle light says:

Come to California with this restaurant….Man am I hungry after watching this…:(

Nicholas Dyer says:

Ion think I ever wanna hear a grown man say “Ooooey goooey” ever again

Damian Whiteman Runs Him says:

Avocados are technically not vegan as they use migratory bee keeping

Geo Dud says:

The only thing insane about this is the lack of meat.

Dirty Icon Tarot says:

Whats the point of the fake avocado

william dooley says:

Vegans: always trying to make stuff taste like the real thing. Just eat the real thing.

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