How to make dill noodle soup (Vegan soup recipe)

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Back when I first went vegetarian I was craving some noodle soup. I was having a hard time finding anything pre-made so I got to work on making my own at home. I hope you enjoy this classic veggie nerd recipe.


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Pharaoh 90 says:

love it! have any suggestions for additional veggies that would go good with this soup?

Priscilla Naomi says:

Just subscribed 🙂 your recipes are a dream to follow, thanks !

Briana Booker says:

Haha I made some of your soup again and added some not chicken bullion and some tricolored spiral noodles for color 🙂 it is still great!

Briana Booker says:

I just got the ingredients for this 🙂 I'm so excited! Thank you for posting this 🙂 I'm really enjoying your recipe videos. Keep them coming!

WeirdoMusicLoverNaz says:

looks delicious!!!

Bria Cooke says:

Thanks for sharing ! I Enjoyed your video. I would love to see your recipe for a vegetarian chili.

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