Modern Marvels: Evolution of The Butcher – Full Episode (S12, E6) | History

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In a carnivorous world, a butcher is a necessary link in the food chain, carving a carcass of unsavory flesh into mouthwatering cuts, in Season 12, Episode 6, “The Butcher.” #ModernMarvels
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Mauri Nicolas says:

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D BX says:

"Brain Sandwich?" Actually a smart choice.

Quentin James says:

I put ketchup on my well done rib eye. FIGHT ME !!

Max Powers says:

The rich use to eat tiny stuffed mice. 😆 Can you imagine trying to serve mice at a fancy dinner today? It's interesting learning about how radically our standards have changed over time.

Eric Aidoo says:


Seven Bates says:

4:51 – WTF is that guy looking at? Why did the director think this was a good idea?

Patti Zayas says:

Darwin's theory is a joke……………………….leaving it just a theory.

Lightnin Hopkins says:

That's why I love commercially-made hot dogs and sausage because its got a high percentage of "whatever" in it.

Michael Sieperda says:

They need to bring back this show to update what is happening in the world today. This particular modern marvel is coming back into popularity.

K Webb says:

The butcher has extraordinary skills! Blessings! Jesus Christ Saves! 1st Corinthians Ch15 Verses1-4 KJV

John Diego Masga says:

I missed watching this show as a kid. Looked online and apparently it's being revived and coming back February this year!

Fumastertoo says:

The fact that anyone believes the lie of evolution still is amazing. Moronic at best!

Matthew Thow says:

I think I'm a vegetarian now

alina alin says:

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Robert Monrreal says:

Blood sausage

Bodie West says:

I do not want “enhanced” meat. I didn’t know this was a thing, is the only way to get regular meat is to go to a local butcher? Why is this not advertised?

David Ridlespriger 2 says:

Make sure to eat your 8 pounds a day. ☀️☀️

Gregory Butler says:

6:06 my guy's name is "BUCK RAPER"?

Has somebody alerted Chris Hansen?

Luke Skywalker says:

There's demand again for small scale butchers ty to covid

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