NYC Restaurant Serves All Vegan, Homestyle Food

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Seasoned Vegan is a NYC-based restaurant that aims to combine homestyle meals with healthy, nutritious food. You’ll be surprised at how these soy-based “chicken” parms and “crawfish” sandwiches taste like the real thing.

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Napria A says:

So excited to try this with friends! Thank you!

NeonNational says:

Literally the opposite of Heart Attack Grill….

Damian Hernandez says:

Meat is better

Snodge Kat says:

OMG Looks AMAZING!!!!!

collarmole says:

When in New York, I will definitely go eat at Seasoned Vegan.

Sri Shylesh says:

Vegan not the same as Vegetarian

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Rob says:

Vegan food – that's an oxymoron, isn't it? Or a contradiction in terms at least.

Nazma Zhatun says:

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Brittny 248 says:

When you want to go to New York City just to go here but your poor

jonah jameson says:

Why's that dude got one arm moving around his groin? Def playing with his sac … rather ballsy of him.

priyanshi gulati says:

Perfect for me 💕 I am pure vegetarian

Reisbel Nieto says:

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robert ponce says:

Yum Yum *Gremlin voice

Pritam Bhattacharjee says:

I eat meat. And I also respect vegans. But I find it very hypocritical when the vegans have to name some of their dishes like vegan "chicken" fry or vegan "cheese" cake etc. If veganism is against eating meat altogether why do these vegans need to satisfy themselves with non vegan names for their vegan foods?

Manoj Kumar says:

Love vegetarian….but vegan is equally tempting and may be healthier.

Mugurel Teodor Andrici says:

If you ain't cooking smoked watermel0n….

Den ur not a professional.

Mike Woods says:

Soy causes cancer

Anjai Ramesh says:

Here is a vegetarian cake!

C- Power says:

Yo, that Mac & Cheese looks 🔥

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