Vegan Butter Cheese: The Best Cheese You've Never Tried

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Vegan Butter Cheese is honestly the best cheese you’ve never tried. Seriously. This is so good. The idea popped in my head the other day after making some toast. I was using miyokos vegan butter, with a pinch of salt and I gave it a dash of lemon. When I took a bite I had a sudden cheesy taste sensation. Thats when it clicked…. buttery is by definition a describer of cheese flavor hahaha so I made it.. Vegan Butter Cheese! I can’t wait until you all make this one!

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PhysicsPolice says:

"too much stretch" he says, as he clearly demonstrates that it doesn't stretch at all… don't be fake, man!

Michigan Lady says:

Total failure… I'm not sure what went wrong .. 😪

anna aaa says:

I just started watching your videos but you are so sweet and funny so thank you& you make me wanna be vegan even more soooo

Juan Galindo says:

I've been trying to do this twice and both times I can't get the consistency of yours! The texture is just all lumpy and awful. Any idea on where am I screwing it up? Thank you!! Looks delicious btw, I need to have it!!

Yummy spicy Kitchen says:

Sound so good and tasty! Stay connected

Rebekah Whittington says:

Smartest man on Earth…thank you Sauce Stache!!

Vandana ASMR says:

count the amount of times he says butter hahahah

Loraine Ryan says:

What about adding Nutritional yeast?

Loraine Ryan says:

What about adding Nutritional yeast?

Michael Di Cio says:

Love this!!!! You made Daiya cheese any thoughts on trying to make daiya cream cheese???

Gavin Kitchen says:

So, mine tastes like soap. Yikes! I used cornstarch instead of tapioca starch. Could this be why?

LottaTroublemaker says:

The only real problem with kappa carragenan, as I can remember, is that some people get an upset stomach from it, which for sure is annoying, but not a real concern. A bit like an intolerance, as I understood when reading about it a few years back…

LottaTroublemaker says:

So any margarine will work?

Honey Moser says:

Yum! It might have been a little softer than you expected because when adding tapioca starch to a recipe with agar agar, it weakens the agar. This has been my experience over many trials anyway. Tapioca and carrageenan play well with each other, but agar doesn’t like tapioca. Which can be a food thing if you are looking for a certain texture

Анастассия Соколова says:

Mmmm vogan choose

Andie Liane says:

Animal fats are essential. Cholesterol is essential. Your brain is made of cholesterol. Your nervous system is coated in cholesterol.
Processed vegetable oils cause heart disease. Our body does not recognize them in order to assimilate them.

Amethyst Jean says:

Literally everything you make…."the best x you ever tried…." well that's improbable

cocoubiz says:

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Loisa Santiago says:

“Most of these ingredients are relatively easy to find”

Emily Citraro says:

I love the Miyoko's vegan butter, but it's super pricy and I'd love to have a less expensive vegan butter recipe I can make that's fermented and replaces it? You did recipe series on eggs, cheeses, and meats, how about butter?

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