Easy 10 MINUTE Vegan Meals For the Entire Family – Especially the KIDS!! Plant Based, Oil-Free

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Today I am sharing with you easy 10 minute vegan meals for the entire family, and yes these are easy vegan, plant based meals even the kids will love. Plus, they are all oil free as usual. I know many of you struggle with having kids who don’t want to eat the same vegan, plant based meals as yourself, and I get it. My kids are just like yours, and that’s okay, As long as their meals are just as easy as yours, it’s no problem. So, I want to help give you some easy vegan, plant based meal options for them that can help you navigate through meal time with ease.


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✨ Recipes mentioned in video:

HUNGRY VEGAN MAMA OIL FREE SAUCE/DRESSING: https://www.hungryveganmama.com/blog/oil-free-salad-dressing

NOT FRIED, FRIED RICE: https://youtu.be/If3fbd3Jkbc

✨ For the Pasta Salad – Pasta, Spinach, Tomatoes, Hungry Vegan Mama sauce. Throw together in a large bowl, mix and enjoy!

✨Edamame Soba Noodle Bowl – Saute Carrots, shelled edamame, 1/2 tsp minced ginger and 3 minced garlic cloves in veggie broth. Cooke Soba noodles in boiling water for 4 mins. Mix together everything together. Add 1 tbsp rice vinegar, 2 tbsp low sodium soy sauce. Mix and enjoy!

✨Smoothie – 1/2 banana, 1 cup cherries, 1 TBSP ground flax seed, 1/2 – 1 cup of unsweet plant milk. Blend and serve. I love to add spinach sometimes if my kids need more greens for the day.


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Hungry Vegan Mama says:

Thanks for watching guys! Hope everyone is staying safe and as warm as possible. Today it’s 5 degrees here in Austin and -12 wind chill. Yikes! Best to you all ❤️🌱

Olivia Cagle says:

Your lists, your paper torn from the spiral, and your boxes look exactly like mine 😂 Love it!

Sarah Miller says:

Wonderful video! Are you getting any of this arctic snow in Austin?

Sherry Lenser says:

I love your ideas, tips and so on. You inspire me so much. Thank you ! ❤️

Jane Parker says:

Love the "keep it simple" theme you have chosen to live by. When I first started eating plant based a year ago drove myself mental trying to come up with lots of wild and wonderful recipes to make mealtimes exciting and exotic for the family. Couldn't keep up the pace! Now meals simpler and so much more stress free, it's the only way to go. Happy meal times, happy family. Thanks for all your great videos Tia, you have been an inspiration.

Rena Wren says:

That list is epic!!!

Amy says:

When you said add tofu or edamame to the pasta salad I was thinking chickpeas! But that's my go to protein so maybe it's just me.

Brenda Ross says:

Finally I have a name for the way I cook. Pantry chef. Boom. Good recipes and tips. Great work.

Mirna's New Life says:

Love ALL your simple, yet delicious food ideas!!❤👍🌷🙏 Simple is my biggest challenge, but getting better everyday!👏👍🌷🙏❤

Kelly Seis says:

I brought your vegan cheese sauce with me on a camping trip this weekend. It is the best vegan cheese sauce I have ever had – we put it on everything. Thank you for sharing your

Sunflower ! says:

You need to post videos more often!😀😋

Linda Hobbs says:

And….yes! Love your simple recipes! More, pls. I'm making both of these dishes this week!!

Linda Hobbs says:

You always have the best tips & tricks, Tia!! We don't have kids. But, I'm transitioning my hubbie to WFPB. And, your list for kids also works for him!!! Genius, you are!! ;o)

Yvette Edgington says:

Love these meal ideas. I always look forward to your videos. ❤💕

Cheryl Atkins says:

Love your videos, Tia!

Sherry Truitt says:

So glad to have found your channel, Tia. This February is my third WFBP anniversary and I've lost 41 pounds and kept it off. Now it's just a way of life. I love your simple recipes; great combinations. At first my family didn't go plant based with me, but as they saw the change in me and how yummy the food was they've come on board. When my sweet husband saw my blood work after a year, he was convinced, and he's a cyclist! I love the food "alternative" list. We're going to do that on our kitchen chalkboard tonight! Thanks again and stay warm! ❤️🌱

Christina Hamilton says:

….or if you have the palate of a 3 year old 😊

Bethie Brown says:

I do a lot of bowls so that everyone can find ingredients they like and create balanced meals.

Suzie says:

Ok I’ve been watching you for a few months and I just have to say I love your channel but also have to tell you how beautiful you are…your complexion is flawless and I’m super jealous lol

Michael Legere says:

From Houston, 16° no electricity here.
No water either. No food.
49° inside my home. Battery failing on my phone.

No help here. Roads are frozen over.

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