The easy way to make gyozas: The Social Food's vegetarian recipe | Vogue Kitchen | Vogue Paris

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A favorite Japanese dish for many, Vogue Paris asked The Social Food to show us how to make their easy vegetarian version. Duo Shirley Garrier and Matthieu Zouhairi, food photographers and culinary experts, demonstrate step by step how to make this classic recipe, from the special pastry to folding and finally how to cook them.

Editor – Sofiana Pubill
Producer – Mathias Holst
Editor-in-Chief – Jennifer Neyt


The easy way to make gyozas: The Social Food’s vegetarian recipe | Vogue Kitchen | Vogue Paris


Chisi Amanda Xiong says:

Looks delicious ♡

evelina arapidi says:

What is the name of the pan with the terra-cotta cover, you use to fry and then steam the gyozas?

paule manga says:

I just want to know where you bought the frying dish, I'm obsessed 😍

Eva Boyer says:

Where are the earrings from ???

DSBM blade says:

fantastic! beautiful, fresh and fragrant vegan dish, the future is vegan. ♥

Clara Olivera says:

Great recepe and measurements!!! I was able to make them in the first try!

dreamywalkhome says:


Tenet says:

Any alternatives to mushrooms?

Moonflower Tarot says:

Yum! Crispy + vegetables = always win

Marie Bbre says:

😍 I have to try this one ASAP

Melissa Lynn says:

definitely going to try this 🙂

Aurélie Jenna says:

Yuuummmmmm 💗

Taylor Moon says:

Is that my girlfriend?

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