Meatless Tacos 5 Ways

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Tony Vo says:

I guess the first 3 options are all i have…

Brandon Y says:

I'm not vegetarian but if you are committed to eating healthy, you can reduce your cost of food by only eating out rarely as a cheat meal and only eating meat as a cheat meal. The commitment and self determination is actually like a drug in a way…I feel bad if I waste money on junk and feel great if I am strict with my diet and exercise. I also save so much money by not eating out or drinking beer. The food is expensive at first but worth it in the end once you have your basics…I actually feel kind of crappy eating meat or fast food after dieting and exercise. I'm currently in the best shape of my life and the most energy. I've alwaysbeen slim, but now, I'm toned and found out I am quite slim/thicc if I focus on protein and cut out fats and limit bread :). My body is siiick right now and it's due to committing to eating healthy and exercising 30minutes-1 hr a day. The 2021 glow up is real. ☺

Vihaan Jhaveri says:


Caleb Holland says:

Heat those damn tortillas!

•PaSteL TaCo• says:

My name says it why I am here.

Valerie Sanchez says:

Love broccoli but hate cauliflower

PotOfGold Seeker says:

Mushrooms are my favorite meat substitute

DeBow Investments says:

How does the ground up mushroom taste? I've always had a hard time getting into mushrooms but I'm willing to try it if cooking them like this makes them taste better.

Sarah D says:

The song reminds me of Ed, Ed, ‘n Eddy

Bernadette Lee says:

I love tacos but I am not much into meat! My favorites here are the tofu, cauliflower, and chickpea ones. They look yummy and savory! I wish avocados were not expensive in Korea though…

vj says:

Try Cottage cheese in place of the caulking

Cripford says:

My favourite kind of vegan tacos are potatoes with Chile and refried beans in a flour tortilla…
but I will always like meat on my tacos…

Abigail Hutchinson says:

honey isn’t vegan

Mercy Dugan says:

I like your food processor

Cherry Metha says:

WOW! Amazing! Liked and viewed fully! X

Anita Rao says:

Can you please include avocado alternatives next time they're not the most easily available or affordable things in India…

TheNizoubizou says:

0:03 chipotle chicken taco
0:32 cauliflower taco
1:36 mushroom taco
2:21 jackfruit taco
3:04 tempeh taco

Claudia Mika says:

Lacto- ovo vegetarian here, this is one thing I love doing

Unmesh Patel says:

Very nice vegetarian recipes! 💕💕

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