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Today we prove that you don’t have to be vegetarian to enjoy veggie dishes! These peppers have loads of flavour stuffed in (literally!) and we’re sure you’re going to love them.

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Daz Boot says:

So the guy in the black is the don & the other guy is his bitch?

Eve Walker says:

Rice should never have to be drained like that.🤮

juliette andrews says:

Sounds just like Gordon Ramsey, no style of his own.

Donna Banks says:


Shelli Howard says:

Just made these! Delicious! Thank you 😊

Chris Kimber says:

Still lovin it!

Yuliyan Mihov says:

2:40 uncle Roger would not approve that!

ivette nieves says:

Wow, I’ve never seen so much water drain out of rice…and I’ve been making rice for years.

Luchn' it. says:

How long did u cook that rice for ? 2 min plus 5 min in the oven??

spicy chameleons says:

recently went pescatarian but reaaaally wanted me some stuffed peppers. thank GOD this exists! my dad always would put bacon in it and brisket and never truly thought me :,(

Kevin Club says:

how to make stuffed pepper with junior Chef Kevin –

Padmaja.r renga says:

id add mushrooms and black beans

Aqua_Finessa says:

I love how versatile this recipe is, you can replace the white rice w/ Mexican rice, quinoa, or whatever you like. Same for the veggies. & It's not a pain to make at all, thanks guys!

Eloise Bird says:

The guy in the denim shirt is a creep

Catherine Reed says:

Growing up, we took the tops off peppers (along with the seeds), then stuffed almost the whole pepper. Cutting them vertically seems just wrong. I'd be okay with leaving out the hamburger mom always put in, but I'll skip the cheese and put tomato sauce (NOT ketchup) on top. Mom removed the stem and seeds from the top, put the top back onto the pepper, trying to be fancy but failing. I'm not sure why she wanted to be fancy, and now it's too late to ask. Would eggplant (aubergine) work for a meatier filling? Or mushroom? I might have to test those ideas, though I think the eggplant would have to be roasted first?

No one says:

Just made this today and its a hit!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I will defenitly be making this again!!!

Sunrise2day says:


JDLOver9091 says:

I recently made this dish and all the flavors were great. The only issue I had was the fact that it felt dry. I didn't put as much cheese, but regardless it needed some sort of sauce with in the rice mixture. Other than that it was a good recipe.

AussieAnnie62 says:

Ben don't talk with your mouth full 😉

C U says:

The turmeric won't be cooked and onions will have the crunch if you follow this method. I would recommend cooking those ingredients pre-stuffing or let the stuffed mixture bake directly in the oven with papers (without heating peppers separately)

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