Vegetarian | WORLD'S BEST VEGGIE BURGER | How To Feed a Loon

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Folks, we spent endless hours developing this recipe…and we finally got there!! This is hands-down the best veggie burger on the planet. It even looks like a real honest-to-God all-beef hamburger…but it’s NOT! So delicious!!

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martinbarry30 says:

Fantastic vid. Brilliant and great humour. Yer gas… 👏👏👏🍀

Tammie Johnson says:

U guys R Adorable ☺️

Flow forever says:

Awesome video. Not a rushed veggie burger recipe. Thanks!
However, I wld hv loved to hv seen a close up shot of the burger texture. Cut it in half and show it up close. I was disappointed.
I like your ingredients. It's a must try. I like the potato idea. Nvr thought of that. Thanks. Cool video 100%❤❤

five fingers says:

Egg is not vegan

Carolina Lomeli says:

Love that taste reaction!!!
Seal of approval. 😋

Carolina Lomeli says:

Looks delicious, can't wait to try the recipe!🤗😋

Some Dude says:

Excellent recipe minus the annoying fat guy (on the left)


Cant wait to try! Looks so good

Carasforever says:

To make this recipe VEGAN just replace the egg with 3 tablespoons of aquafaba which the liquid that comes in canned or bottled chickpeas.

Cloudy- Ah says:

Yayyy thank you for remembering the veggie lovers out there! 😜 Always on the lookout for a good veggie burger recipe (the Impossible Burger is the closest sub I’ve tried, but it’s only available in a handful of restaurants so far), so this is appreciated ❤️ 🍔

mariusz olesiński says:

I would definitely try this and let my kids eat a healthy burger.

boro Hornowska says:

Wow! This is a healthy burger not just for the vegans but this is good.

rafal sztajner says:

Thank you guys for sharing another awesome and healthy recipe.

Natalia Grabowska says:

This is the perfect burger for vegetarians like me! <3

kia cow says:

Good for the old folks a healthy recipe!

Julie Napier says:


Griselda Mrza says:

I just LOVE you guys! Just had to write it again 🥰

Georgiann Maloney says:

Looks good. Still love ground chicken burgers.

CraftsAndMore315 says:

Oh my goodness, you guys "heard" me? Thank you!? So much. I left a comment on your black and bleu burger because I thought for some reason the title on the video said black bean burger, hence I thought it was a veggie burger when in truth it was not. It was a beef burger with bleu cheese in it. 🙂 So I left a comment on that video and asked if you guys would be willing to try your hand at a veggie burger because you both are so good at flavor combinations and what foods go good with what, and here it is? You actually did it!? Oh my goodness, thank you both so much. If I could, and if you will both receive it, please accept a big "YouTube hug" from me to both of you. 🙂 This looks and sounds delicious. Thank you again and thank you for sharing and for letting me share. 🙂 Christine

Derrick Johnson says:

I'm so glad that I ran into your channel. Burger looks sooooooooo good, thank y'all

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