A Classic Vegetarian Curry Cabbage Recipe.

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How to make a classic curry cabbage recipe from Trinidad and Tobago. Enjoyed throughout the Caribbean, this vegetarian dish using cabbage, is packed with distinct flavors and rich Caribbean spice.


Marvie Douglas says:

Thank you Chris! I now have wonderful firm cooked cabbage that tasted great.

brink says:

Thank u sir it came out great

Elon Bomani says:

Ah, no pics…video please! Major disappointed

bunnywoowoo says:

I've just this minute made your curried cabbage, I had no pepper but added hot paprika and smoked paprika and it came out delicious. Thanks for sharing. 👌🏾😀

Billy Misir says:

The authentic recipe…..you forgot a tea spoon of tomato puri and a tea spoon of black pepper … try that 😉

iluvCookiee says:

make another cabbage recipe please

patricia taremwa says:

beautiful. just like I'd make it at home.

linda h says:

Wow I love this vegan recipe

tammy johnson says:


Naga Pramod says:

Cooked it tonight. Wow! Tasty. 😀 
Thanks for sharing the recipe 🙂 

N Murphy says:

Made this tonight. I cut up thinly sliced green peppers and red onion. Delish.

Tan ika says:

happy new year everyone..I`m gonna try this for breakfast

honeyb1980 says:

Hi! I've been a subscriber of yours for a while now and have made several of your dishes.  I just made this today and it's fantastic!  I love heat added to my food so I used this scotch bonnet pepper sauce that my neighbor from Trinidad made for me and added that with my onions.  Thanks for the recipe Chris!

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Purpleglucose says:

That is not a teaspoon

Jalia Amahle says:

Just tried it 🙂

Irvingcm58 says:

Sounds good–I'm going to try it tonight. Thanks

katsan88 says:

where can I buy Trini curry powder?

Meena Kenward says:

Thanks for uploading this video.It looks so delicious, will be cooking this for dinner!!!

autumdee says:

This looks sooo Delicious! Yummy!

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