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Chakalaka is a popular South African braai relish & I had the best Chakalaka in Soweto! I promised I would learn to make mine and share with you! You probably already have all the ingredients in your kitchen and it is a great vegan/vegetarian meal. Link to Chakalaka Recipe

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Charles Kaiser says:

Sisiyemmie,thanks for sharing the recipe. Chakalaka!  simply D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. I prepared yesterday and it tasted so good. Happy belated birthday Sisiyemmie. May God continue to strength you.

Paul Junior says:

You forgot the chillies. Otherwise well done.

Bo Tswana says:

Very good !!

Universal Nature Lover says:

Nice video my friend 👍👍

Rey Anne-Sophie Love says:

Love this! Just Made it, smells delicious and hope it tastes just as good. Thankyou

Anastasiia Storozheva says:

Guys, pls help, what are these powdered spices? I didn't get it 🙁

From Africa Sweden says:

No we need meat, this is dumb idea to make food.

Sanda T says:

Haven’t had chakalaka in a while! (Since going vegan) I would add chilies 🌶 just because I like spice 😂

Azhar Muhammed says:

Hello ma'am I'm indian subscriber… Pls say hi

Dylan Lamb says:

I'm definitely gonna be making this soon. That looks amazing!

Dolly Bob says:

I need to take this chakalaka to next highest level trust me wheb Y say this, I am not saying its bad but that is what U do as a chef

abhimanyu pundeer says:

Wow looks delicious , will try making it soon. I love African accent . Love from India.

Pavel Pesok says:

kisses from Russia!! ))

K.J Cats says:

The most interesting things is it's name chakala , in South India a song that shakalaka babe shakalaka babe 🥰🥰🥰 I love it I gonna try this right now thank mam

Milena Sá says:

Thanks soooooo much for this delicious recipe!!! I'm brazilian and I was looking for plant-based recipes from Africa till arrive here. <3

Winosity The Wine Party Channel says:

Yes, sounds great and easy to make. Do you have to use canned beans if you have freshly cooked?

Erik Pumera says:

instead of beans, I put rice

Erik Pumera says:

you were right it tastes good and smells good

Erik Pumera says:

thank you so much I made dinner for my whole family. they totally love it. I'm eleven

Carlos Fonte says:

Love your energy!
Greetings from Portugal ❤️

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