Vegan Asian Grocery Haul #2

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A vegan Asian grocery haul for today. We needed a few things from the Asian store, so we thought of filming what we got for you. We hope this gives you some ideas for yourself. All prices are in Canadian dollars. If you would like more videos like these, let us know. 🙂
Plus, we are shooting from our new little sweet corner. More on this to come, we might put up a video on how we’ve set up this extension to our kitchen. 🙂

Videos mentioned or recipes with ingredients mentioned:

Enoki Mushrooms –
Coconut Curry Ramen Noodle Soup –

Okra –
Lemongrass Vegetable Pasta Stir-fry with Okra –

Lemongrass –
Lemongrass Hibiscus Tea –

Chayote –
Niouk Yen – Chayote or Daikon Radish Dumplings –
Braised Tofu and Vegetable Curry (with chayote) –

Ginger –
Tip: Pre-mince, Prepare, Preserve and Store Ginger or Garlic –

Bottle Gourd –
Bottle Gourd, Cauliflower and Mixed Beans Curry (Oil-free) –

Jicama –
Vegan Chop Suey with Jicama –
Chinese Vegetable Curry with Jicama –
Mauritian-style Jicama Pickle –

Coconut –
How to Make Homemade Coconut Milk –
How to Make Coconut Flour –

Sweet Potatoes –
Sweet Potato Flatbread –
Sweet Potato Bread –

Tofu –
Braised Tofu and Vegetable Curry –
Coconut Curry Noodle Soup –

Shitake Mushrooms –
Lemongrass Vegetable Pasta Stir-fry –

Bean Curd Skin Sticks –
Macaroni Fricassee with Bean Curd Skin Sticks –

Green Jackfruit –
Kalia Jackfruit Curry in a Wrap –

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Special thanks:
Cameraman and Video Editing: Kevin Mangaroo (
Audio credit:
Orbit by Josh Woodward (
Already There by Josh Woodward
Beachfront Celebration by Kevin MacLeod ( #veganrecipes #vegan #veganlovlie


Penny Noneman says:

I love all those noodles!

V2X5L says:

Very nice. Thank you. 🙂

Terri Carroll says:

I love these grocery hauls, I'm learning so much. Thank you for sharing!

Richard Sydenham says:

I use the same brand of cokus milk but I buy it in 1lt packs I don't like what they use inside the cans but always good quality and super in curreys I also use it to make Kafia jogot and mixed with tapioka a good thickener for gravies and curreys

StayFruitLuce says:

I really love your shopping hauls✌️👌💪

Loveena Luximon says:

hi. you r maurician!! proud

QuiltingCrow says:

What a beautiful asian grocery store you have there! In Germany, most of the asian stores are very small and provide only very few fresh ingredients, which is a pity.
Your videos are always so beautiful and calming to watch, thank you!

Ms Glamour says:

loved this video, so many great ideas. Thank u so much ☺

Fatma says:

Really love your channel…it's everything🌟😍…much love from the London🇬🇧

Deborah Woods says:

I loved this video! You gave me a few ideas and I haven't seen some of them before. We call the 'Chayote' Choko and the Sugar Apple we call Custard Apples. Thank you so much for your uploads, they are so easy to follow and sooo delicious!

susi q says:

My mind is swirling just thinking of all the delicious dishes that can be created from these ingredients.  Great haul!

Nuwerra says:

really inspirational vid, several new ingredients for us to try…..thanks for sharing…

Leslie says:

Great Video!!!

Derp Ina says:

I love how organized you are. I waned to check out those recipes you were referring, and was happy to find them all nicely placed in the info bar. 😊🙏🏽 Most you tubers aren't so thorough. Love your channel, I'm surprised you don't more subbies. Your channel deserves a loooot lot more. Thank you for everything you do! 😍

April Jones says:

Great video! I definitely want to try some of these foods and recipes! ❤🌱🍍

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