Is Japanese Vegan Food Actually Good?

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Vegan food in Japan can be harder to find than you’d think.


►Motsuji Temple(毛越寺)

► Hiraizumi Rest House (Vegan Cuisine)

► Gold Reta Hiraizumi (ゴールドレンタ平泉)

► Takkoku no Iwaya (達谷窟)


Abroad in Japan says:

I'm surprised nobody has made a series yet driving from Hokkaido to Kyushu on a Go Kart. Perhaps I can be the first and then write a book about it.

Seselix says:

Still waiting on your freegan vegan video

Cheese on Everything says:

even the vegan meal looks fantastic!!

Eileen says:

Chris riding a Go Kart down the street with a deadpan expression while upbeat music plays has to be my new favorite thing I’ve seen on this channel. 😂🤣
Also “Crispy Whacked” is a Natsuki-level genius catchphrase. 👌

Iceman says:

Great 👍🏻 video nice 👍🏻 hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abbey Hall says:

I want a go-kart tooooooo, so cool!

Abbey Hall says:

Chris you look very unimpressed by the go-kart, but whom is that loony behind you lol

Fuzzy Duo says:

I feel that the question should be "is vegan food actually good"
And the answer is No.

Its a very simple fact, any diet that deliberately neglects entire food groups ANY species has evolved to take advantage of is inherently flawed for that species, lacking and unhealthy (hence why supplements and artificial additives are needed).

Benis says:

ryotoro doing it on purpose yo

Nicole Rebelo says:

The food part stars at 4:16 . You're welcome <3

Cailyn90 says:

Just why does Ryotaro remind me so much of Mario on that Gokart when at the same time he doesn't look even a little bit like him? O_o

ISupposeThis IsMyNmw says:

As a vegetarian, I thank you very much! Love your vids

Sandra Carli says:

Vegan content! :-D!

Gandalf Stormcloud says:

Human beings are omnivorous, not herbivorous.

J David says:

Has Ryotoro forgiven Dolphin and Whale now that he knows Chicken and Cow were to blame?

Chris Persad says:

Chris grinning at Risotaro getting wacked lmao

Jazzifizzle No1 says:

Ryotaro is amazing. Him and Chris are a great team

Mikeztarp says:

Is Japanese Vegan Food Actually Good? No. It's vegan food, Chris.

JS Renatus says:

70 Kilometers per hour would be about 43 MPH. At least that's what I'm getting.

MrCoors68 says:

Vegans are against everything God intended for mankind. They are the Anti-human society who feed on animal slaughter guilt and their own narcissistic ego adorations…… completely disgusting.

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