The Best (VEGAN) Chocolate Cake Recipe II (eggless, dairy-free) – Hot Chocolate Hits

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The very best chocolate cake (the second) that just so happens to be vegan.
This recipe is eggless and dairy-free, making it a great recipe pantry staple.

Last video for Pineapple Upside Down Cake:





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Rubi Reyes says:

I'm definitely going to try this, but just to make sure…you said baking soda….did you mean baking powder?

Tina A says:

Hi. I tried it. My buttercream was too watery

Louis Cantu says:

It says dairy free but then you say you buttered the pan generously.

Wiwi Hoyos says:

This is so goood

Wiwi Hoyos says:

My mom is super hard to please with a good cake and she is not vegan and she thought it was amazing!!! My entire family loveeeed it😍😍😍

verderame says:

I made this and it was the best chocolate cake I’ve EVER had. Tops the non-vegan ones. I’m astonished and oh so grateful for this recipe

Veganized by Veli says:

I made this recently. IT SLAPPED!!! In the best way possible. Thank you for making my dreams come true. 😭😍

Xi Zhi Low says:

i tried the recipe and i can confirm that it is GOOOD!!! i subbed coconut for olive oil, and used 3/4 the amount of sugar. paired with a warm chocolate sauce (melted chocolate + vegan butter), this hit all the sweet spots. also this recipe is so easy??? i literally just threw all the ingredients into the bowl, whisked them all together, and sent it into the oven.

seriously highly recommending this for any occasion. amazing chocolate flavour, minimal ingredients, and minimal cleanup!!! 🤩🤩🤩

Rotem Bar says:

hi I have 26 cm round cake. do I need to change something in the reciepe?

1911gi45 says:

Great recipe and super quick thanks a million! Better than other recipes I tried!

Rides and Strides says:

No mixer needed? I'm gonna make this next week!

Joy says:

I'm sorry… Too much sugar…

Healing With Zo says:

Can I serve it without the icing?

Sadhana Linga says:

idk but i got a stomach ache after eating the cake maybe cuz of the vinegar so don't add too much

Rotem Bar says:

can I use 26 cim round cake?

Roger CYK from BORNEO says:

I'm new to vegan recipes.. this one is AWESOME.

Candice Leigh says:

Thank you sooo much for this recipe! I made it for my two vegan friends and it was a hit! I couldn’t believe how moist and chocolatey and delicious this was. I would love this recipe but with a vanilla frosting recipe so I could dye the frosting a different color. Otherwise 10/10 would recommend, and so easy!

Joshua Staples says:

My second time trying and it boils and sinks in the middle instead of rising…What am I doing wrong???

Amber Lucía Vélez Petersen says:

Thank you for this ❤️ I'm making it for my niece's birthday who loves chocolate and recently became vegan.

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