BA vs o| – jazzy jaff – Map: TWL-WoodyMyrk – 12/3/03 – Tribes 2 Oceania Classic CTF 12v12 4K 60FPS

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Match stats:

Blazing Aces vs o r i o n

Blazing Aces team:
[BA] *[ShaDow]
[BA] -MikHail-
[BA] Accident Prone
[BA] GoDoG
[BA] gWeeBo
[BA] jazzy jaff
[BA] P a r a d o X
[BA] Peas [Veg]
[BA] RealTime
[BA] Santah
[BA] Trouser Chilli
[BA] Turnip [Veg]
[BA] Vurt the Impaler
[BA] Zed-

o r i o n team:
o| 4rTisT
o| _eXit_
o| Bahaal
o| chillidog
o| HomeShow-Warrior
o| kronic250
o| Kroz-
o| Lo$t $aNiTy
o| Mert
o| RaIDZ
o| sp|tey
o| TurpS
o| Zen Anarchist
o| Zer0_Patience

Did you know people still play these old tribes games?

Join the community in these discord channels: Bittah – Main Oceanic Tribes/Midair community Tribes Talk Primarily Tribes 2 (but you’ll probably get banned if they find out you’re not a Trump loving Republican) Tribes Vengeance Only All Tribes games TribalWar Discord #1 TribalWar Discord #2 Oceanic Tribes Ascend Midair Discord (Free to play Tribes-esque game released in 2018) Legions Overdrive discord (Free to play Tribes-esque game released 2008)


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