Meatless Winter Melon Soup [Meatless Chinese Soup Recipes] | Gluten Free, Oil Free, Vegan Option

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In this episode of “RECIPES FOR MY DAUGHTER”, I am making meatless winter melon soup. Unlike the traditional way of making this soup, I do not cook it with any meat or bone stock.

Instead, I use a variety of dried fruits and vegetables like corn to flavour the soup. Since we are not wholly plant based or vegan, I also use dried scallops to add more depth to the flavour. Of course, you can always leave out the scallops to keep the soup fully plant based.

Seasoned with just sea salt, pepper, and a little bit of brown sugar, this soup is warming and delicious, but without all the fat from meat.


Low omega 6 blend of macadamia nut and perilla seed oil: E. Excel Essential Blend

Whole food plant based + clean eating friendly soup mix: Soup de E. Excel

Wholesome fruits + vegetables beverage mix: Nutrifresh

Wholesome high antioxidant fruits mix: Nutricardia

Botanical based fruit and vegetables wash: Vegiwash



“RECIPES FOR MY DAUGHTER” is a collection of what I prepare for my family on a day to day basis. In order to support my daughter’s health and autoimmune recovery journey (and for the whole family’s better health), we have changed our diet quite significantly over the years.

I’m not a professional cook by any means. Just a mom who chooses to learn how to adjust traditional recipes and ways of preparing common comfort foods to suit our current diet preferences. I’m so lucky to have a daughter who truly appreciates my effort in the kitchen, who loves the foods I create for her, so I wanted to teach her how to make the foods she enjoys that also support her health and healing journey without being too restrictive.

The recipes I post here are gluten free, dairy free, low in oil (with oil-free option), mostly whole foods or minimally processed, and mostly plant based (with vegan option).

We are not vegans and we choose to adopt a mostly plant-based diet (not 100%) for health reasons, therefore I tend NOT to use highly processed vegan products such as vegan ‘meat’ alternatives and vegan butter.


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