The BEST VEGETARIAN Restaurants in London

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These are 4 of the BEST VEGETARIAN restaurants in London. Ethos, Wild Food Cafe, The Gate and Tibits.
We’d like to dedicate this video to all the Vegetarians and Vegans in our life, who weren’t the biggest fan of our Burger Video!

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Antonella Fellini says:

Have become a mega fan of your channel!! Well done boys!! During these crazy times you have taken people on some amazing journeys. Can't wait to travel to all the amazing places. My fav's Paris, Cape Town and the wine trip in SA!! Fabulous work. Come on Netflix give these lads their own production!!

Devasmitha K J says:

Hello jaw .. I am from India ❤️ Love you ❤️

Samiksha Thirani says:

Its 5 years later. And whats the status on more places like that opening in londin?

A Way to Live well says:

This was so fun to watch, Jesse's energy in the early days was unquenchable!!!!!!

btingey says:

If God didn’t want us to eat animals, he would not have made them out of meat.

Amanda Rutland says:

I've just discovered you guys. Bloody awesome. My new Binge show…… Makes me wish I had more balls to be vegetarian.

Zoe B says:

do a vegan video plzzzz

goodboybuddy1 says:

I’m covid bored and rewatching your work. WHAT BRILLIANT STUFF! Please have a good and lucky life, you two. Great work.

Ellen Fox says:

Thanks SO much. I’m vegetarian and have been wanting recommendations for my trip this summer 🙌🏻

SarcasMiss says:

Whoooaaaa Jesse looks so young!

O PERRY says:

The jump editing and his personality is not ANNOYING at all!!!

goodboybuddy1 says:

I can’t help loving you boys. A little cheeky, but funny and charming nonetheless. Thanks.

S Steel says:

Also 3:27 those eyes…

S Steel says:

I never understood the price by weight thing. I mean unicorn farts are the lightest things in the universe so by this method, they'd be free. But that's impossible because have you ever heard a unicorn fart? No. Because they're rare and rare is always expensive.

athena energy Shine says:

Are they vegan restaurant too

FireMyster 470 says:

"Can I please get a vegetarian Meat-Lovers pizza please!"

FaltooTV says:

Versace!!! 😂😂😂😂 love it

Bianca Salinas says:

“With some like spices and stuff” 😂

Laura Pardo says:

Can you guys do an updated video?
Hakkasan isn't veg, but their tasting menu is TOP KNOTCH.

Priyanshi Sharma says:

Unpopular opinion: I think olives are disgusting.

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