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I know it’s weird to have a vegan chicken noodle soup recipe in the middle of summer, but sometimes you get sick during the summer and that always calls for hot soup!


Thanks for watching! β™₯

FTC: I’m not paid to promote any of these products, just using what I like.

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guyver0005 says:

A great recipe! Just made it last week

oracle light says:

You can eat the stems of all herbs. πŸ™‚ You can add it in fresh or dry them.

oracle light says:

Omg I love vegan Vietnamese food. Please do videos on that…

alex gomez says:

What did you use for the vegan chicken? And where did you get it?

Tito says:

Congee is great…reminds me of grits.

Melanin Loccs says:

So vegans can get sick lol???

Angela Mckeown says:

lol the worst food (instant noodles) always makes me feel better the quickest!

Jason 629 says:

That looks good

Muzun Altewejri says:

Anybody else in 2020 trying to make their immune system stronger but they trying to be vegetarian?

Oh just me ok 😐……….

Newt Kintsukuroi says:

Next month after I get paid I am going vegetarian and I am SO glad I found this recipe because I have tried to be vegetarian before and when I get sick is when I start feeling like I need meat or comfort foods. Chicken noodle soup is one of the big ones for me. Thank you so much for showing this!

Lance McGrew says:

The kind of recipe I was looking for but oh my, how many times she uses the word "LIKE" in 8-minutes is very noticeable.

Sandelion says:

As a new vegetarian, THANK YOU FOR THIS

Kimberly Tsan says:

I love how you don't really measure and just say "crap-ton of carrots" or "crap-ton of celery" because that's literally how I would do it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I hate precise measurements! They are so annoying and overbearing and really bring down my flow!! πŸ˜†

Death Metal Barbie says:

I can’t even cook when I’m sick ahhh

Lori Dinh says:

Would vegetarian β€œchicken” bouillon work?

Lauren Esper says:

i don’t know how i’m just seeing this video but this is exactly what i needed

C Yann says:

Don't forget the soda on the side.

athena energy Shine says:

Thanks this look easy for non cooking dummy

Scott J says:

hey gurl…try Vegeta

Sebrina says:

I am sick and my boyfriend is extremely sick right now, he said he can't eat but I will make this anyways in hopes that he changes his mind, but I won't add the chicken

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