VEGETARIAN CHINESE FOOD (It tastes like meat?!) – Fung Bros Food

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Andrew and Crystal take us to a Chinese vegetarian restaurant. Have you had vegetarian Chinese food?

*CORRECTION* Soy does NOT contain estrogen. It contains something similar to estrogen, but it has NOT been proven to have the same effects.


Happy Family Restaurant, Monterey Park

Shot by: Alex Siu, Cai Ping Goh
Edited by: Michelle Hsieh

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VEGETARIAN CHINESE FOOD (It tastes like meat?!) – Fung Bros Food

Fung Bros


Adam A. says:

Soy has anti-estrogenic effects (reduce estrogen), which is why it's good for women with estrogen positive breast cancer.

Gordito says:

Yo what restaurant is this? All the food look so good 😅😱

I stan you says:

1:47 I can relate.

Giggles says:

A guy would have to eat a buttload of soy to grow breasts. She's exaggerating.

DeanRendar84 says:

I never knew they made whole full menus around the vegetarian theme, thats great, I know where I want to be treated out next special occasion. Honestly having so many mock meat substituted in with existing veggie components part of the original dish, just shows how nutritionally responsible, meticulous to technique, and progressive Chinese food is, compared how most other cuisines seem like an assassination attempt against better judgment you get coaxed into agreeing is perfectly rational for one person.

Bumble Bee says:

i wanted to like this but the soy estrogen myth made me give it a negative. i still like that you are featuring veggie and vegan dishes. though the passive aggressive comment at the end about "if i don't get meat soon it wont be happy families". i know it was a joke but seriously!!!

s says:

Phytoestrogen in Soy is actually an estrogen blocker, good for dudes and good also for girls as it reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Peace Life says:

Because they used non veg mix masala & the vegetarian think he/she just eat veg

vandriga says:

i miss crystal

Josevich says:

More vegan food please!

Ania :3 says:

I don't like vegetarian food.

Ramesh Chandra Sharma says:

没有骨头,纯米饭 在中国吃优质纯正的中国素食婆罗门食品。

Ramesh Chandra Sharma says:

胡萝卜白菜 大白菜。

GiGi says:

Love this!! Would love to see more vegetarian 🌱

Also a lot of the “meats” are made with soy, gluten, other than tofu and mushrooms 🙂

अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि says:

Chainies people are very selfish because they don't mind others health they produce fake egg vegitables and rice same on your Chinese 😠

Pablo Escobar says:

Dude open ur eyes

AshWin Adgaonkar says:

In India,Vegetarians don't eat egg(well atleast the traditionals dont). But some have started consuming egg and it's a common myth that egg is also a part of the vegetarian diet. I don't understand how something coming out of an animal can be considered vegetarian. Extremely strange.😂

Ronan Louvel says:

Try vegan lobster 🦞. It's made from the lobster mushroom.

Priyanka Yadav says:

chal hindi bol

JeffH says:

It's phyto estrogen in soy, which blocks estrogen receptors in you body, which is actually beneficial at reducing effects of estrogen. High correlation between high soy consumption and lower breast cancer risk.

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