How to Make Pub-Style Favorites like Steak and Ale Pie and Boston Brown Bread

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Hosts Julia Collin Davison and Bridget Lancaster uncover the secrets to making the ultimate Pub-Style Steak and Ale Pie at home. Then, equipment expert Adam Ried reveals his top pick for knife blocks. Finally, test cook Keith Dresser makes Bridget perfect Boston Brown Bread.

Get the recipe for Steak and Ale Pie:
Get the recipe for Boston Brown Bread:
Buy our winning knife block:

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Matt Riding says:

Question: In this video, and many others, I see you cook in the bottom 3rd of the oven. I usually cook in the top 3rd and I get good results on my recipes. Does it really make a difference? If so, when and why?

Comes a Horseman says:

Basically, chicken pot pie made with beef.

tim thompson says:

baking soda does not taste good in meat dishes

Beejay Swifter says:

That pie had me drooling! I'm making that as soon as I can get short ribs. Thanks!

Susan Anderson says:

I also would have opted no raisins instead I’d use chopped dates which I do like

Susan Anderson says:

Damn I used to love Boston Brown Bread in the can and yes with cream cheese or butter on it

Delta S says:

I would love to make the bread, but no matter what…No raisins.

Tito Tim Travels says:

I am going to try the pie… will maybe use red wine. I need a beer substitute. Not concerned about the alcohol, just hate the flavor of beer. (beer batter anything is horrid) 😎

Jason Bean says:

Label less are totally creepy.:(

Stanford Griffith says:

If most people have a 9" pie pan, why not create a recipe to fit that instead of the less common 9.5" dish?

George B says:

Always fantastic!

peachy75019 says:

$250 for an ugly knife block to take up room on my counter? No thank you! I bought a magnetic knife strip, mounted it on my backsplash and it is attractive, accessible and not taking up room on my counter. And so easy to clean. Win/Win And another tip for those strips. I put a small one on my bathroom wall to hold my nail clippers, scissors, nail file, eyelash curler, etc. things I use all the time and now I don't have to rummage through a drawer to find them.

Joralemon Virgincreche says:

The winning knife block was the ugliest one. Good grief, just choose the good looking modernist one (4th from left) and be careful about how you put the knives in so you don't damage it. It's really not that difficult.

MadCapMonster says:

I am British, you are welcome to the Pie without fruite

Draxe says:

I enjoyed the two cooking sections but am concerned about the equipment review. I question why the significant open blade exposure for the two favoured knife blocks was passed without comment, yet the seemingly lesser exposure was cited as a negative factor on the four that were initially dismissed. I understand the wear issues alone may have justified the decision not to recommend them, but something identified as a safety concern should not have been overlooked for the favoured solutions. I recommend that you revisit your test and expand the range of tested products. There are more suitable products out there.

Preston Siegler says:

I would omit the rasins.

E E says:

Got rid of the knife block and now I use a magnetic bar that is under the cabinet above the counter. No valuable real estate is used and it's very sanitary.

Delius Lyndon says:

I think Trump has given one or two hookers a mushroom facial.

GeminieCricket says:

Please,find the recipe for Dromedary Date Nut Bread that has been discontinued. Please! From the 1960’s !

GeminieCricket says:

Doctor forbids meat for me, just here to drool over the beef I am not allowed to eat! PS try cream cheese on the bread.

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