Traditional Mozambique Dish: Xima

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Air Date: (11/18/17) #4421

Barbara Brown’s travels take her all over the world. Tune in to learn how to make the latest recipe she picked up while in Mozambique, Xima.


jessie mboche says:

In east africa is called Ugali/sima same thing across africa

Beatrice Nkundwa says:

In Burundi it is ubusima. We usually eat ubusima on weekends.

Jalal Mestari says:

Very delicious? Lovely

Jalal Mestari says:

That's a taste of Mozambique? You are sure?

Joana Costa says:

You’re amazing I was brought up In Mozambique and this took me back thank you πŸ™

NYC Orchid Queen says:

check the latin store for the finer corn meal. They might have it. Harina de maiz or even maizena harina fina de maiz.

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