WHAT I ATE IN BANDUNG as a VEGAN ft. Sugar Daddy

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Eating vegan in Bandung featuring my sugar daddy 🤑 #vegan #bandung #indonesianfood
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◘ shot on iPhone SE

♫ music:
Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com)

♫ Intro:
“Goodbye” by Mark Redito (Bohkeh Remix)
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Hello~ I’m Andrea, a mid-20 foodie who loves traveling and making videos. I figured Youtube is a great platform where I can share the content made from all my passions combined 🙂
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小影 says:

sugar daddy 😆 印尼菜看起來都好辣

effervescent_bubbles says:

lol love the videos…keep up the great work!

Ahlee The Great says:

that coffee machine looks hella scientific

Ahlee The Great says:

the spinach looks different

Ahmad Juli says:

Good bandung ibu kota indonesia

Winnie Chen says:

bringing around your own almond milk is so smart. sounds so heavy tho idk if i could do that all day + my laptop. also can't drink my coffee black lol

barry mcfuzz says:

your uncles so sweet !! and funny haha really cool video

stevenkev says:

Build a thicker skin if you wanna be on YouTube. If you can’t handle the truth like you have an ugly face, get off it.

DreamingTata VeganMama says:

Everything was so nice. I thoroughly enjoyed watching you on this trip, felt like I got to tag along!

Vanessa Sutandar says:

Are you still in bandung? you need to try green and beans.

Celina Bond- Dating Coach says:

just found your channel and loving these vegan what i ate travel vlogs! i thought he was just your dad haha

Jordan Karyanto says:

Gotta do Bandung trip together again!

Miss Leslie Kale says:

Your laugh XD when you see dolls on your lovely uncle's bed, LOL XD
<3 love your vlog, lovely Yaya :*
Keep spreading good vibes thru your vlog yaa (*hug tight*)

*I could replay this vlog 3 times

Bukan Anjing says:

oke mantap 😍

徐培航 says:

萬隆也有那麼多好吃的Vegan👍nice trip.

coco latte says:

I want a daddy to feed me too LOL! only $5 for all that vegan food 😮 everything looks so good! and the "emo chilli" made me laugh

Sydney Chien says:

Vegan cult sounds fun 🤭

Daren D says:

You vlog style is so pleasant, smooth, relaxing, chill, cool and happy. So many great places to visit in SE Asia!

Misus Yaya says:

I didn’t plan to vlog this trip at first, so I didn’t bring my vlogging cam. But once I got on the train, I realized why not document my first trip with my lovely uncle. So I used my iphone SE, but I’m bad at vlogging with a phone…barely took any detail food shots. Anyway, hope you'd still enjoy it!

FYI, He’s my uncle, “sugar daddy” is just a joke 😜

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