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Jamie is cooking up a British classic that has been around since the 18th century. A dish that thrives off of your leftover veggies and potatoes and never disappoints. Served with fried, sage eggs and a simple side salad, this dish is great to cook for your friends or family for Sunday brunch!

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Dana Gutierrez says:

Food looks ugly

El Mission says:

Looks like a large vomit patty, mate.

sy keen says:

i hate it when these cooks have to piss around with traditional classics … Bubble & Squeak is just mash and cabbage …….

Dr. Bruno Recipes says:

Delicious recipe, Jamie😋

Stephanie x says:

never heard of this but it looks good

eemshalom says:

Irresponsible cooking with butter, vegetable oil (in mash) and more vegetable oil (over eggs) and more vegetable oil (over salad). What these stupid celebrity chefs don't understand is that all of the added oils and fats and sugars and salts add up. All of it adds up to all of the horrific top causes of death and dying in the world right now. Namely: cardiovascular diseases, lung infections, arthritis/dementia/Alzheimers… Sorry folks. We're not going to be healthy on all this – we're just going to get sicker and sicker.

Анна Степанова says:

Вы лучший)

Ed says:

That was my favorate dish in the university canteen during my university yrs in the UK because the canteen ladies used to really pile it on my plate. I had forgotten it all these yrs but tommorow I am going to try to cook it at home.

Alba Zamora says:

Inexpensive and delicious! You are amazing Jamie!

patrick hawkins says:

Jamie never fails…. Top Chef in my book.

Gary Hassani says:

Have a little mash up!

Davey0708 says:

Only thing to serve with that should have been brown sauce🤷🏼‍♂️!!

jan43482 says:

You are not a cook, you are just a showman !!! Sorry.

DonaldDuck says:

🏰 excellent

Ella Ave says:

one pan wonder..nice ..wow.. lovely

Birky 41 says:

Just tried this. Didn't do the whole thyme etc at the beginning just a bit of salt and pepper but wow great stuff thank you

WaterDonkey says:

I still can't trust this guy after the great chilli jam fiasco of 2019

Duggy says:

Why dont you take the ends off the carrots and parsnips just out of interest?

Liz Stevenson says:

I love bubble and squeak. Yummy yumyum

jixuscrixus1967 says:

and all made with just £20 worth of waitrose leftover organic designer vegetables….

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