Filling A Community Fridge W/Plant Based Food! (And how you can help)

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Find me on Venmo if you want to contribute to the next trip! @rebeccadoudak Make sure to put “Community Fridge” in the Venmo! I also have a PayPal connected to the email “”. Please use “friends and family” if you decide on PayPal though and also mention community fridge!
I tried to make a second Venmo for this project exclusively but apparently Venmo only allows one account per phone number even though they allow 2 accounts per bank. If you know of another way I can let people donate towards this, please let me know! I want to do this as transparently as possible.
If you want to help but you cant do so financially, please like/share/comment because the proceeds from the ad revenue on this video are going towards buying the next batch of food! πŸ™‚

Oh and check out Sab’s Channel here!: @Sustainable Sabs



Samantha Kelly says:

Great idea. Glad to see things like this popping up

Stephen Dias says:

For those less fortunate, may I suggest MRE's. You can get online or at your local Army Surplus. They are balanced meals with heating elements included. No need for a kitchen, let alone a home/place to live. Just an FYI. Even if not Vegan. Although there are now many Vegan and Vegetarian options. Word to the wise. Hope You and Berto are doing well. You should reach out to "The Vegan Zombie" and "No egg Craig" would love to see a collaboration video.

paulywolley says:

This was super cool of you and Sabs, and a great video. You'll be happy to know that there's now a vegan community fridge at the Overthrow Boxing Club on Bleecker. Love that reusable shopping bags were on your mind and that you opted to go bagless!!

Nicole Sanchez says:

Love this! I love all the videos on your channel and this one has been great and inspiring.

Niko Wearden says:

this is wonderful!

Jessica S says:

This is awesome! Love it❀️

buff barr says:

Your stuff was so much better than most of the stuff in there!

Tina Davis says:

Love it ❀️ there is also a group called food not bombs, I think nyc may also have it not sure but, from my understanding they give food that's vegan/vegetarian

Julia Hamm says:

Very cool! Love this!

Deb H says:

Such a great idea!!!! ❀️

Abiola says:


Rose Dorshwin says:

This is a fantastic idea πŸ™‚πŸ‘

Ophelia Ronin says:

This is great! I love this idea, what a great way to get on the ground running!

Christy Reynolds says:

Maybe next time try to add some baby food and/ or formula? This is a great project, maybe take donations to help buy a larger haul next time and help you with gas foryourcar? Idk.

Andrea Walker says:

You are an inspiration as a vegan and as a human!Β 
Thank you for not only filling the fridge, but also for letting people know these options exist.

Rebecca lopez- howes says:

Spices and oils are always good too

Lauren Stander says:

Be careful with venmo, just wanna make sure you research stuff cause the IRS will get upset if enough money goes through the account.

The Singing Candle says:

What a great thing to do, Rebecca!!! By the way, be careful of the Progresso soups – they can sometimes contain meat or milk, depending on which vegetable type you choose. I think the split pea does contain bacon or ham.

Rachel Renee says:

You can buy a lot plant based at Aldis for a low price

M N says:

Love this!! 😍

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