Fully Loaded English Vegan Breakfast with a Spicy Indian Twist. Taste Test at Blighty Cafe, London.

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βœ“ A taste test of: “The Indian Breakfast” the vegetarian / vegan special at the Blighty Cafe in Finsbury Park……Spot the Indian Flag.

There are days when I simply want a good old fashioned English breakfast, so having seen loads of their deliciously yummy looking photos on Instagram, I couldn’t wait any longer and simply had to visit Finsbury Park’s “best kept secret” cafe. It’s a quaint English cafe but some of their dishes have a spicy Indian influenced twist.

On the day of my visit i ordered “The Indian Breakfast” which consisted of:
* Curried Scrambled Tofu (pan fried with a secret recipe blend of Indian Spices).
* Grilled Asparagus
* Sauteed Mushroom and Tomatoes (Marinated with Garlic Oil and Herbs
* Avocado Mash sprinkled with Salt, Pepper and Chilli Flakes
* Baked Beans
* Organic Sourdough Bread Toast drizzled with Olive Oil
* Wedge of Lemon
* Garnished with fresh Micro Salad Peashoots and Amaranth Leaves

The plate of food which got served up was MASSIVE and was literally enough for at least 2 people.

A special thank you to Head Chef Luiz, Ollie, Adriana and to all of the Blighty team who very much welcomed me and graciously allowed me a privileged glimpse into their “kitchen” to do the videoing.

Facebook: @blightyfinsbury
& Twitter: @BlightyCafe

Blighty – “a Commonwealth of Nations cafe” is located at: 35-37 Blackstock Road, Finsbury Park, London, N4 2JF

(I don’t think they have a phone number, correct me if i’m wrong).

“Blighty” is a British English slang term for Great Britain / England.

Though it was used throughout the 1800s in India to mean an English or British visitor, it was first used during the Boer War in the specific meaning of homeland for the English or British and it was not until World War One that the use of the term became widespread.

The word derives from the Urdu word vilāyatΔ« (regional bilāyatΔ«), meaning “foreign” which more specifically came to be meaning “European”, and “British; English” during the time of the British Raj.

During World War I, “Dear Old Blighty” was a common sentimental reference, suggesting a longing for home by soldiers in the trenches.


Gaurav Ghosh says:

Thank you so much .

Ceylon UK says:

Sri Lanka πŸŒΉπŸ‘Œ

Stuart F says:

Really nice video. Breakfast looked really tasty but the grass cutting were to much for a breakfast. I don't think that many people eat it anyway and didn't need anymore dressing up. Looked great.

Avinash Kore says:

Chef is very cute

Jebin Krishna says:

Yes ,Luis ,shef god bless you ,

Bijal Shah says:

Wow Looks Yummy

C.Kuru says:

Too much green stuff for an English breakfast

Dan Shankle says:

EXCELLENT Video! Very well done! The items served make up a very nice Breakfast! Thank you for such a well done Video!

Edward Lee says:

Another favorite quote from you is "may I ask for a favor? May I watch it being cooked?"

Kinetic Zoo says:

Wait!! You need to make those orgasmic noises when testing your food

Naz Khan says:

wow! the best place in London and I am sooo loving that Chef Louiz!

SE7EN says:

Wow that looks very delicious ! Best breakfast

Thanks for sharing

Meera M says:

Your vids are the best πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Mika 900 says:

That looks like the best breakfast I've ever seen and as a vegan myself I'd love to try this.

JayT LaMunch says:

Give me That Indian Breakfast any day, it looks scrumptious πŸ™‚ and as always Thank you, for another great vid πŸ™‚

david mehta says:

The New English Breakfast

Bupesh Kumar says:

I am tempted to try this. I just don't see the Indian connection.

stereoride says:

Hands up if you think Luiz is a total sweetheart.

Amandeep Singh says:

Awsome video food dehkne mai bahut badiya lag rha hai very nice job thanks sir

Rabby The Rabbit says:

Wav.. the plate look so colourful and delicious πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

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