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Toad in the hole, VEGANISED!!!

πŸ’¬All the ingredients you will need



πŸ“š Vegan 100 Cookbook –
πŸ“š Vegan Christmas Cookbook –



music by Dan Williams – @danbwilliams


Beefwelliington says:

I love this dude and follow loads of his recipes, however in this one I would of put that batter in the fridge for at least an hour before it, when you have that hot baking tray and that really cold batter some magicially science shit happens and you'll get really puff yorkshire type pudding, learnt this from a kitchen i worked in a few years ago

4zUko says:

i tried this and the yorkshire puds recipe and i like them a lot. it's more of a bready affair than a pancakey vibe like eggy toad in the hole is but well worth making

Lee O'Connor says:

i never knew why it was called toad in the hole until i read the comments below, but when i went to a friends house for lunch at my pre first holy communion, we were practising with other children and they made us lunch 'toad in the hole', i was always told to be polite at other peoples houses but was alarmed at how on earth i was going stomach eating a toad..frightened was not the word!!!!

Franky Aguero says:

New subscriber man ….I love watching recipes like these …love toad in the hole …cottage pie …

Martin Flint says:

I would give my right arm for a decent vegan toad in the hole but I moved from sea level in south Wales to 2500ft up in Canada and the altitude always fucks up Yorkshire pudding. I've tried everything; any suggestions……..please?

Starseed light Warrior says:

Hi Gaz

Thank you for your recipe, I have attempted to cook this however when I took it out the oven it was kind of crispy on top but really soft and doey in the middle , where have I gone wrong .


skelfily says:

pee milk? ewww

M B says:

I had a big fat juicy steak but I had some herbs on it so in basically 5 percent vegan so that’s good for me

Michelle Bainbridge says:

Tried this tonight and it was bloody lovely 😊

leanne Pullman says:

give me your house

Tree Doddy says:

God mode 🀯

Lilli-Mae Stachini says:

my family eat cold baked beans with their toad in the hole??

Dadine 1823 says:

Social distancing sausages

crissy sweet says:

Looks yummy once again Gaz β™₯️

Erin-Rose Honeybourne says:

Thaaaank yooooou! I have been hoping to come across a vegan recipe for toad in the hole for ages and this looks simple enough for me to actually manage 😁 🧑

We At One Life Coaching says:

Yes Gaz! πŸ‘ Getting bang on this recepie today! Thanks for all your good work! Blessings J πŸ§™πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ

JerkinShit says:

Gaz and his vocabulary tho Lol

The Anderson Sisters says:

Hanging out for an avantgardevegan X Earthling Ed collab! Dreams!

canadianzengirl says:

An old-timey Canadian name for this dish is Huskies in a Drift.

Hana Vnoucek says:

What if ur not vegan…

and just allergic πŸ˜›

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