My Penguin Classics & Oxford World Classics Editions – Mar. 2020 ✣ Bookshelf Tour

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Here are all of my Penguin Classics and Oxford World Classic editions!

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1. Stars and Constellations – Sarah, The Illstrumentalist
2. Silent Observer – Sarah, The Illstrumentalist
3. Happytoseeyou – Sarah, The Illstrumentalist


Pontus Presents says:

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Triple Dot says:

What a great collection.

M B says:

This is so cool man! Super jealous of your collection! Have you read all of these as well?

Neel says:

I really like the diversity of works you have in your collection. I'm guessing you have Homer's Iliad/The Odyssey in your collection, right? And if so, in what edition? I heard the Penguin Classics version with the Robert Fagles translation is really good.

R. Ringshifter says:

Karl Marx and the Bread Book let's go! The Conquest of Bread and the Communist Manifesto are both great (kinda want to get the Norton Critical Communist Manifesto). I made a run at Capital Vol. 1 (the full version by Penguin) but didn't make it for whatever reason. Want to read some of his political writings first (got the huge collection from Verso) but I'm too caught up in other things right now.

GoatScream says:

Which paperback edition of Dracula is better? Oxford's World Classics or Penguin Classics?

Book Hunterrr says:

These are two of my favorite editions! Thank you so much for sharing 😍💛 i have the same copy of Castle of Otranto and would love to get that same Polidori book, too 🙌🏼

Diana Edid says:

Do you have a preference between these two editions?

Jonas Odermatt says:

Which of the two would you say was of better quality in terms of the introduction, notes and design?

Tomas Garza says:

I wish Everymans Library followed the example of Penguin releases. No Thucydides, Plutarch, Xenophon, Julius Caesar, Livy, etc.

Akash Hingu says:

hi Pontus,
Can you tell me about page quality of Oxford classics.

:P WQing says:

Wow I'm really impressed by your pronunciation of Laozi.. especially when you speak English with an accent but when you say Laozi, no accent at all!

Suvigya Sharma says:

love this video!!!!!

Two Mice On My Bookshelf says:

Nice. Nice.

EliTheFineBooksLover says:

I loved studying the Presocratics at school (I love philosophy in general)! Great selection of titles

Jacob011 says:

John Milton's Paradise Lost is a fire from heaven!

Dear Leader says:

Thanks… But I'm always furious, absolutely furious, that so many of these books are unavailable as sewn hardcover editions.

Suhnu says:

Very nice Pontus!

Chrysostomus says:

Hello Pontus. Could you tell me if the Hesiod translation in prose or in verse?

gnilttbs says:

I'd never thought about buying a Penguin book, as I'm really not a fan of paperbacks. However I needed St. Augustine's 'Confessions' for university, and the best edition (content-wise) available was the Penguin one. To my surprise, our Penguin books here in Brazil are actually sewn instead of bound in horrid perfect binding. And what's more: they use acid free paper! I could barely believe it when I received the book. What a nice surprise that was.

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