Holland America Food – Fee or Free – What's included and what's NOT

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Ever wonder what food venues are FREE and what have a FEE on Holland America?? In this video ( https://youtu.be/DRFHI4UascA ) we tell ya one by one. Also, some restaurants are ship specific and we tell you that too. Im getting hungry just thinking about all the great places to eat!

** Upcharge being tested on : Nieuw Amsterdam, Eurodam, Oosterdam and Zuiderdam

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Brian Baker says:

Just got off the Nieuw Amsterdam 10 days ago and Dining Room food was exceptional. No additional charges even for 2nd entree. No need to go to additional price venues. Others went to Pinnacle for Thanksgiving and they paid $40 each for turkey dinner sent from main kitchen. I find I overeat at Pinnacle when I pay extra $40 pp. but their steaks are great no question.

Skywatcher Sandra says:

I love Tamarind. Awesomeness. HUGS and blessings from NY State

Paul Cailliet says:

Will be on Eurodam for Panama Canal in Jan – 4th time – some good and some not so; it’s been awhile; giving them another try due to itinerary for time of year. recall the food was pretty good – so far Celebrity found to be best in that department, but bar service pretty bad – funny story years ago on a HAL ship on last legs being chased by hurricane and half the crew seasick, so they ask my wife (a blackjack dealer at the time) if she could help out in the casino – she got a free crew shirt

Glenn Harris says:

A few points on the video. New York Pizza is available on all their ships. Only the two you mentioned have a deli with the pizza but all have the NY pizza and salads, just no sandwiches in the NY Pizza. The Lido Market has all the same choices across the fleet but the smaller ships have a couple of the stations doubled up, so it may look like you have fewer selections but you don't. The breadboard doubles as the carvery for instance but it's just called the breadboard. Because Holland's largest ships are the size of small medium size ships on the other cruise lines, they simply don't have the space on their smaller ships but a much less hectic atmosphere. As for the upcharge on the second entree, if you don't want to pay it, most of the dining room menu is also available at the Lido Buffet on the same night they serve it in the main dining room. (exception would be gala night) Also, the lunch menu at Pinnacle is a scaled back menu but it's a lot cheaper. (only 10.00 I think) They also have what's called the parade of chocolate, where servers wander through the main areas with individual chocolate delicacies that they pass out after dinner on Gala nights but you have to scout out a place near where they come out of the kitchen to get a shot at the best ones. (-:

An added feature, which someone mentioned below, is over 90% of their buffet food is served by servers (the exceptions are a few preportioned main dishes and desserts that are individually plated so you don't have the grubby little hands and less than sanitary people grazing the salad bar or buffet lines, pawing all the food. Sandwiches are all individually packaged or served and even the chips are individually packaged.

I'm 64 years old and love Holland but it might not be the best choice for someone with kids or 20 somethings looking for the party life. Their clientele tends to be older and calmer and while they have the HAL club for 3-17 olds, their entertainment and activities are definitely designed for the older or more sedentary crowd.

Excellent video describing what I think is the best dining in the cruise industry.

Emily Archer says:

guess what?? Now my gf has found out about HOLLAND AMERICA through her GF! Her gf told her that we should go on HOLLAND AMERICA! I saw some videos and HA is very very nice!!! quite lovely!! my gf and I were looking at at MS EURODAM!!

Katherine Van Leuven says:

I recently called and talked to Holland America for a cruise I'm taking in September to Alaska. They will no longer be charging for the second entre. You also forgot to recommend the after dinner cordial with the complimentary signature cordial glass you can take home! It's a beautiful glass with an emblem on the glass. I have a huge collection.
The Pinnacle Grill is totally worth the cost. I love the bone-in rib-eye steak. Enjoy!

Dauntless says:

Hi.  Thanks for this most helpful information.  Am on the Nieuw Amsterdam this weekend.  I don't mind paying the additional reasonable cost as there is generally so much food being wasted.  There are many choices for good tasting no additional fee food at other locations on each ship if a person is really that hungry.  24 hour grazing lol.

Scott says:

We loved the Dutch Cafe on the Koningsdam including the fries with peanut butter sauce!

Betty Li says:

We sailed the Westerdam March 3-17 from Shanghai to Hong Kong and was very disappointed with the food. No comparison to the Celebrity Millennium that we sailed in Asia in January 2018. Even the Pinnacle Grill wasn't as good as we expected.

Brandythe Onetoomuch says:

Love u guys

Texas Wyldcat says:

I am going on a ten day Panama cruise on the Zuierdam at the end of the month.  Hopefully they will be done with their test.  Anyway the food is one thing that is really interesting about HAL.  This is my first HAL cruise. Hopefully everything goes well.  If so I have my sights set on a seven day Alaska cruise in May on the Oosteradam.

Soups On says:

Gelato…..such a sweet daydream during your video. 😋🤗

Tim G says:

The dive in burgers are awesome.

Tim G says:

Setting sail on HAL April 14th. Tampa to Rotterdam on the Rotterdam. Can’t wait. The Pinnacle Grill has the best steaks. I think this is 8th cruise on Hal. It’s $35 for Pinnacle Grill as of my last cruise last year. But worth every penny.

David Andrew says:

They have real caviar to purchase as an extra at the Pinnacle Grill. We indulged on our wedding anniversary/ wife's birthday event.

pointer dog 2 says:

I think that the desserts are the best part of the specialty restaurants! I think treating oneself is well worth it on vacation! Thank you for the information! I haven't sailed HAL. I am going to Cozumel on RC in about 38 days…..I hope I don't run into that crazy man on your past video!!!

Amy Bradley says:

Just got back on HAL and the food is great everywhere, also like that on the Lido they serve you so no grimy hands taking a whole tray of cinnamon buns! Pinnacle Grill was fantastic.

Kay S says:

I'm sold on the 24 hour room service and Nathans! But I don't know about that second entree charge. Does that mean a second helping of the same thing or does that apply to ordering two different entrees at the same time? Thanks for doing this, guys. You are doing a public service!

Judy Jetson says:

Loved the food on HAL including the MDR & buffet. The only let down was the Tamirand.

dorothea salzberg says:

Thanks for this video. Sounds like they have awesome food.

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