ASMR Mukbang Vegan Spring Roll,Red Dragon Fruits (collab w/@Ashlepeno Jalapeno)@Mich Love Eat ASMR

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Collab with Ashlepeno Jalapeno
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Ashlepeno Jalapeno says:

Hey Mich! Thank you so so much for doing this with me! I was so excited to get the opportunity to make and eat fresh spring rolls 😀 Yours look AMAZING. They're nice and plump and packed with goodness! 🙌🤤 Your sauce is nice and thick. And that dragon fruit looks so bright and juicy too. Love it all! Thanks again love for this collab! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ginjang Chanal says:

👍Enjoy 😋😋

สาวอิสาน พาแซ่บ says:

Look delicious +like

Were negari says:

I love 💕 those colors

itsJess ASMR says:

Love these homemade spring rolls, the close up shots made me super hungry! You did a great job with the fillings and wrapping! Loving the presentation too with the purple cabbage and dragonfruit!

ASMR AZI says:

Wow colorful spring rolls I love it 🥰

We are the Browns says:

I have never had these your way but it sounds and looks good!! Yummy!!! 😍

MysteryGranny Eats ASMR says:

Food looks so colorful and delicious!!!! Love the purple color!

Revan Andi says:

Cantik sekali warnanya kk

Delish Delish Mukbang says:

Love spring rolls and dragon fruits its so yummy…the colors look so vibrant…very cool Asmr Mich👍👍❤


Wow big like my friends

Elisen Vlog says:

Your food look so colour full and look very delicious.. Blessed and watch from your new friend.. I hope to hear from you soon

Link House says:

Phenomenal work!! video so good!🔥🔥🔥
stay connected 👍.

GENHEN kapares says:


Foodie Choppy says:


ASMR 문어짱Mooneojjang says:

보라색 먹방이네요😄😄👾💜


This fruit looks very delicious😋👍

JNMASKS ASMR Eating says:

Great vegetable rolls. Help to clean up stomach and stay in shape 😃😃😃

Max Belia ASMR says:

Wow Mich love your food choice today. Very Healthy. Delicious! 🙂 I love the color of your spring roll very appetizing!

Rubishaa says:

wow so yummmy

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