Homemade veg pizza recipe | Vegetable Pizza with pizza Sauce Recipe |pizza Recipe

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Indian Veg pizza recipe & Pizza Sauce recipe -Homemade pizza Restaurant Style.

For sauce
Tomato-1/2kg medium Sized
Chopped garlic-8-10
1 large onion- chopped
red Chilly powder- 3 tsp
Oregano- 2 tsp
Sugar- 2 tsp
Chilly Seeds- 1 tsp
oil- 1 tbsp
Salt to taste

For Dough-
refined Flour- 180g
Instant Yeast- 2 tsp
Sugar- 1 tsp
Oil- 1 tbsp
Warm water -for Kneading
Salt to Taste

For Assembling-
Any Veggies of your Choice
Pizza Cheese- 120g

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Checkout this desi style chicken pizza also https://youtu.be/RIKcaLDzKrw

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