Magnum Ice Cream Bars: Mini Ruby & Double Caramel Review

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This is a taste test/review of the Magnum Ice Cream Bars in the Mini Ruby flavor and the Double Caramel flavor. They were $3.50 each at Meijer.
* The Mini Ruby are 130 calories each.
* The Double Caramel are 270 calories each.

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rere nomad says:

you probably dont get the haagendasz cause it doesnt sell well in your area.

Life with Vibez says:

the ruby magnum is disgusting 🤮

sweetcakes Sweetcakes says:

The strawberries and cream is so gooood. Ive had two today. I cant stop

Arielle Dominguez says:

i dont like the ruby one i only like the caramel one

Kirstie Edmondson says:

"it's like an over ripe berry that has fallen off a bush and is laying on the ground 😂😂😂"

mielyt says:

Totally agree about ruby! It’s gross

XJennaX says:

What state are y’all in? $3.50 a box? Their $5 here in New Jersey wtf

Me Web says:

Me eating a double Carmel while watching 😋🤤

Ta'Koya Hammond says:

You two are 100% right the ruby one was not good thank you for the review.

MsFarrinFlow says:

I tried the ruby yesterday it tasted like sour milk

Wednesday Addams says:

Yay, I almost bought ruby magnums out of curiosity because the (misleading) description of them sounds pretty good. I'm so glad I watched this video before wasting my money. TFS.

Chosen Strong says:

I think even kids should have this, kids LOVE ice cream I think way more that adults. lol.

themeltedchocolate says:

I enjoy the ruby chocolate on occasion but with this magnum I literally took it off and ate just the ice cream hahaha I just really couldn't stand in, I don't know if it tasted different than ruby chocolate in candy bars or if it just didn't go well with the ice cream for me but it just wasn't good.

ajuthi says:

Yum yum yum yum yum….No to the Ruby "Chocolate" what a scam -_-

Lauren Loghan USA says:

Carmel is my color

beautychan says:

🗒num 🏃🏾ni 💍by

HauntedDeanDolls UK says:

we get the caramel ones in the UK 😊

Painterly Brushes says:

The double peanut butter is awesome

John McCormack says:

I love Magnum Ice Cream bars. I usually have to wait for a sale because of my budget. I really like the Strawberries and Cream and the Double Raspberry. The Double Caramel is going to be a must try. They are expensive but single bars around here around $1.25 to $1.50 so when the Magnum's are on sale 2/$5 and 2/$6 it's worth it. Not a fan of the Ruby chocolates at all-a definite pass.

selbyfan2305 says:

The packaging on the ruby is so pretty but I won't be buying it because I'm sure I won't like it. My favorite ice cream bar is the Haagen Dazs White Chocolate Raspberry which is hard to find. Unfortunately though the HD Layers pint is not as good.

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