Meatless Paella

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Ina Ivanova says:

It looks really tasty! Great colors.. Beautiful, healthy and delicious. Thanks for your vegan recipes. They really help me a lot. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Dominic Santiago Delavega says:

I made this so nice man thank you

Panoma Elodie says:

I made it twice. It is so good ❤️❤️❤️

Autarch Yolo says:

Looks like biriyani with gravy lmao..

Apurva Kumar Joshi says:

90% of food videos woikd be marked for condemnation if people could taste the food. Lucky for them no one will know whether its cooked or tastes edible. Just visuals.

PJG says:

Simple a horror, and attack on what really is a paella, and if it's valencian , even more

Rokeya Begum says:

Why do you cook so fast ??? Materials are very difficult to understand.

Gallaghers Marrs says:

What a disgrace

T Hunter says:

Lol what you people are saying really doesn't matter. Whatever this person made looks good af

Blanca Rodríguez Martínez says:

Vegan "chorizo"? Those are sausages! Chorizo is a lot drier! 😅

Marina Jiménez says:

You spanish complain about it saying it's not paella but this spanish (me) can ensure this is really good, even better than paella

Dylan PR says:

Paella mis cojones 33

Laia Lahiguera says:

I'm from Spain and that isn't a Paella

victoria maakulmamerijärvi says:

It hurts so much every time they stir it

Mohammed Ammor says:

The rice must be stirred only once and quietly after we add the broth because unlike Risotto we don't have to get the starch out of it. Apart from that this vegan Paella looks good.

Sueña Conmigo says:

Onion??? Oh my God this terrible😥

Fedz says:

esto no es paella

SanchoElMayor says:

Por que lo llamas paella….? Eso es arroz con cosas.

Lachlan Ulyett says:

Worst paella ever

Patrick K says:

This is disgusting and certainly not paella. If you are gonna do any national dishes, do your research before insulting our culture. (I'm Spanish)

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