New Daiya Vegan Ice Cream Bar Taste Test + Review (All 4 Flavors!) | Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

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In honor of National Ice Cream Day, I taste test all four new flavors of Daiya vegan non-dairy frozen dessert ice cream bars and give my honest review of them. They are all gluten-free and soy-free but they all contain coconut. Happy National Ice Cream Day!

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Salted Caramel Swirl ( 220 calories /16g fat)
Chocolate Fudge ( 180 calories /12g fat)
Espresso Coffee ( 200 calories/ 15g fat)
Classic Vanilla Bean ( 210 calories/ 16g fat)

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This Infinite Life says:

😮 Our Vegan Family cookbooks & Vegan Starter Guide are NOW AVAILABLE! Thanks to everyone who has ordered already! 😘😘😘

Melissa says:

I just tried Espresso one yesterday and I was blown away! So so delicious!!! I love how they are not too sweet and doesn’t taste like coconut! So creamy and good! The best vegan ice creams ever!!!!

Trixie Rose says:

I agree 100% I've only had the Chocolate Fudge so far but amazing!! Can't wait to try the rest 🙂

based on bri says:

Just found my favorite channel 😩

Loose Seeds says:

I'm glad you reviewed these! I've been wanting to try them. Now I definitely will. (-Mommy Seed)

Debbie P says:

You all are so cute! Thanks for the review, I didn't even know Daiya made ice cream. I've seen the cheesecake but never tried it. Kind of a high price point, but maybe as a treat. I really like the So Delicious cashew milk bars.

That Chocolate Vegan says:

we need to colab! and now i want icecream

Feron Flo says:

Yeessssss I can’t wait to try em! All but the coffee one 😂 I’m not a fan of coffee ☕️

Itsbyalexis says:

Love this video! Dairy free ice cream is the best! I made a video testing out my favorite dairy free ice creams too!

Nisha says:

Awww you and your husband are too cute! And the kiddies are the cutest!

Eden Croft says:

Yum. We'll have to go and get some.

Non-Profit Communication says:

Three in each box 4 boxes 24$ plus tax almost $30. And with my family of 3 soon 4 that will be a special treat in my house on my budget.

L Mcm says:

Ok, I’ll have to try these soon. I trust y’all taste buds. Have you tried their cheesecake? I had the key lime one, and it had a weird after taste. You had to keep eating it, and have water immediately afterwards to try to avoid the after taste.

Luna & Family says:

Omg I'm so jelly

Mo n says:

I thought they only made cheese 😆😆😆! Cute vid

DreamingTata VeganMama says:

So excited for these!!!! All flavors sound delicious!! Thank you for reviewing them. I hope Sprouts near by has it now.

Jacquelyn Hudson says:

Omgg!!!! I been crave ice cream for whole month! Im so happy that whole food down street from job… Im march down there on lunch break.

Nadia Bernardy says:

YUM! I hope we get these on Maui soon. It usually takes forever. Mahalo for sharing your thoughts. ❤️


Omg sis where did you get those from sis ?? We have to try them ASAP lol and how much ?

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