Full English Big Breakfast Tray Bake (Vegan)

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​If you’re in the market for a big breakfast, look no further! With your veggie sausages at the ready this one is a doddle to put together.

We first prep some badboy tofu scramble, then layer on sausages, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, beans and even a naughty bit of dairy free cheese.

Dip this into some brown sauce or tomato ketchup and you have the ultimate breakfast indulgence.

This one will work wonders after a slightly heavy night, where you have a sore head and some friends round. Or if you just want to impress a crowd with an uber-creative brunch!

Serve with tea, coffee and orange juice and watch the smiling faces 🙂

Full recipe on www.bosh.tv


HX O says:

This is beyond creative!!

Hakeem Shabazz says:

Dammit man, you did dat! 😄👏🖒

Sparky & Eliza Films says:

Oh my gosh this looks so good!

Amanda Faye says:

Oh man. Definitely trying this.

Brenda Aspey says:

Looks delicious ✌️

Chrisie Never Misses A Shot says:

Love you guys recipes. This one looks like something I will be making for a holiday or other special occasion.

Ongoing Wow says:

Is the tamari important for the tofu scramble, or would soy sauce be just as good?

Natalie says:


Samara Al Ahmar says:

Looks gorgeous. I made your Mediterranean bake and it was absolutely yummy

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