Quite possibly the most seductive vegan dish

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Looking to wow your special someone? This Mushroom Risotto is a must-make! It’s just as creamy and (sexy) as the classic but 100% vegan.

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Full recipe: https://rainbowplantlife.com/vegan-miso-butter-mushroom-risotto/

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Rainbow Plant Life says:

This mushroom risotto is my go-to for a special date night at home! What's yours?

celina ceballo says:

I’d love a video on a good vegan pot luck dish, so it has to travel and reheat well. Thanks

Lee Ann says:

I am a relatively young widow and have been struggling to eat right since my husband died; I just hated eating alone.
You have inspired me to return to plant-based eating (have been subsisting on takeout Thai and chocolate) and to make food that is nurturing, healthy, and delicious. You also make me laugh and it’s a delight seeing you and your boyfriend’s clear affection for each other. Thank you Nisha for sharing your talent and passion with me and the world.

Lauren Vacula says:

ok wow- this is seductive! i gotta try this recipe for my boo (or just myself 😂)

David says:

miso butter sounds awesome! such a great flavor. also "imagine" is the best store bought broth!

eaten by mercy & grace says:

Looks delicious!

Linda Clay says:

Made this last evening….OMG it is delicious!

crystal m says:

Can I use minute miso instead of miso paste

Noneya Business says:

i made a vegan version of a mushroom risotto, replacing the cheese with nutritional yeast, no vegan butter. it tasted EXACTLY like gordon ramsay's non-vegan mushroom risotto.

Tia's Nails says:

Is there any vegetable I can use instead of mushrooms? I don't know what it is about them but they freak me out 😅

Catthyme says:

Looks so good! I have the Instant Pot book, but I may make this soon on the stovetop.

Anandah Janaé says:

Since my husband is allergic to mushrooms, I am going to seduce myself by making this dish.

bookworm0550 says:

Ok, I want that pan. Seems bird safe too since Teflon is bad for pet birds. Will def check that out. Totally had to get new cookware after I got my birds so I’m always looking for quality pots and pans

Jenna Ballinger says:

Mmm looks so good! Do you use a DeEsser filter on your videos? The S's really pop and it's kind of hard on the ears.

David George says:

Yummy! You are a pocketful of sweet – 🙏 thank you! 😊

John G says:

Really learning a lot from your shows, thank you. I just have to ask, you know wine is not a vegan product right? Unless it is specifically stated as vegan on the label you should assume it is not. Found this out from my local wine store as they were sampling "vegan wine". I asked them, "isn't all wine vegan". Their reply was no. The animal products used are not listed on the label but if you google "is wine vegan" you will see what I mean. Sorry.

Andrea Gennaro says:

Hi this looks absolutely delicious Iam not vegan but I will definitely try this thanks for shareing take care

Neil oppa says:

Is there a substitute that I can use for rice? I don't eat rice anymore.

Pia Justynn says:

Came here for the entertainment and food (of course), not disappointed as always😂😆. Love your videos, Nisha ❤️

TheMcDeal says:

Look at that double jointed-ness at 0:41 lol

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