Finding the Best Vegan YUM CHA in Sydney! (Dim Sum)

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***EDITS: (A) Carlingford Veg has FULLY VEGAN YUMCHA NOW! (B) Sadly TIAN CLOSED DOWN but it opened up again (without yumcha) in camperdown*** (C) I’M SORRY I FORGOT ABOUT GREEN GOURMET (D) Yes I paid for all the Yum Cha

I’ve been eating Yum Cha since before I could walk so it was a real damn treat to make this video! 3 restaurants and $305 dollars later? I may be poor now, but I give you… THE BEST YUM CHA IN SYDNEY video!

✔ 1. Carlingford Vegetarian Cuisine, Carlingford
✔ 2. Tian Ci Vegetarian Restaurant, West Ryde
✔ 3. Bodhi In The Park, Sydney

★ Carlingford ★
Siew Mai
BBQ Pork Puff
Taro Puff
Fresh Vegetable Dumpling
★ Tian Ci ★
Sticky Rice
Fresh Vegetable Dumplings
Deep Fried Stuffed Tofu
Seaweed Seafood Rolls
Pan Fried Rice Noodle
★ Bodhi In The Park ★
Sticky Rice
Taro Puff
Prawn Rice Noodle Folds
Spinach Dumplings
Bok Choi Dumplings

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Hali7Jain says:

Carlingford has now closed permanently 🙁 this is so sad, after seeing this video I was super keen… bummer. Any ideas why or where they may open up again? or if there are any other yum cha places besides green gourmet or bodhi?

H A says:

I do´nt understand! What is vegan on fish and prawns ond pork????????

William Chen says:

Carlingford has closed down 🙁 Tian Ci's new shop on Darlington don't serve yum cha… so sad. any other vegetarian yum cha is Sydney?

J Vega says:

I wish you lived in California and could do this here!

Sarah A says:

Update 2020: Carlingford is closed, but Tian Ci seems to have re-opened in a different location. Although I couldn't find the offer of yumcha on their website, and only a couple of dumplings. Bodhi is still open, overpriced and overrated.

Kevin says:

Authenticity is off the chart! Thanks Liz!

woshinwb says:

the carlingford chef was from tian ci, thats why the flavour so similar

Dandee says:

East meets kitchen channel, she has a fantastic vegan dim sum recipe book!! 😍💛

Jac Lang says:

Brilliant, I also grew up eating dim sum in hong kong and miss it so much, next time I am home visiting sydney I am heading to carlingford as that looked amazing. Agree about Bodhi, great food, but more healthy and modern than I want my yum cha to be!

Erika Katarina says:

Wowow watching from Canada 🤤🤤 need to come to Australia ASAP 🙈how do you not have more subscribers?! I’ll keep watching 🤤

Annabel Igoe says:

You the best!

Frederick Trinidad says:

Luv the video shots and editing 🙂

Hamza SR says:

omg how do i live in portland and not have any vegan yum cha options near me 😭

janisjan says:

The bbq pastry looks like it's been washed with possibly egg yolks? I wonder if some chinese restaurants mistake veganism with vegetarianism.

Christina Glows says:

i land weds!! can't wait to try bodhi!

Max Nova says:

Yummmmmy ….meow,,,, that my favorite meowwwww!!!!

Sivia V says:

More vegan yummy food in Sydney please…. Thanks

Lofyne says:

Food all looks good! Surprised you didn't do the weekend Green Gourmet Yum Cha?

Li-Peng Lim says:

Well done! Totally agree – love Carlingford yum Cha! Tian Ci has recently opened in Redfern – not sure they still offer yumcha. We are promoting vego diet too – how can we connect and talk more?

Nicola Moir says:

We went to Carlingford Vegetarian Cuisine because of your video. It was amazing food. There was so much flavour and variety.

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