House Hunting + Vegan Diner! | February Vlog

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Follow us around on our adventures in February + join us on our house hunt in Washington!

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Glintify says:

Your videos are awesome you deserve more subscribers. Me and my gf want to relocate also from LA. But what did you guys do as far as work! Since moving somewhere new thats our concern. Hope to get tips. Thanks!

Courgette says:

Don’t want to be a downer but I hope your dog travels in a crate in the car. In a crash the little dog will either shoot through the windscreen or hit you with enough force to kill you. I know a lot of people who travel with little dogs on their knee without realising the danger. Great video though

Bil says:

Wallace and Gromit but munch creepier.

Michelle Beckham says:

Love Big Bear and the beyond sausage & pretzel bun, omg! So freakin’ good!

MaintainingMichele says:

Welcome to Vancouver! We have been here since 2008 originally from the Napa Valley, we LOVE it here!!

SunFlower Slots says:

Nice vlog video! Thanks for sharing. Good luck on your house hunt in Washington. Just subbed! Please visit our channel & support us.

Get Fit With Neha says:

Nice 1 and Your new sub in the family and stay connected.

Odette Jennings says:

You're moving to Portland!!! I have lived here for almost a year….I am so excited for you! There are soo many delicious vegan places (my favorites are Harlow, Aviv, and Canteen)! I hope I get to meet you are Caitlyn! xoxo

Samantha Rose says:

Excited to see your new place!

Amanda V Sevilla says:

Chris on the struggle bus to say burley was the funniest thing t

bobbys second says:

I wanted to go to that spot in eagle rock! didn't get the chance though. looks good high key

Alexandra Vicuna-Perry says:

Congratulations on your new place…Very exciting!! Love your videos/vlogs/website/recipes…thank you

Amy G says:

First up, hi! I live in Portland and enjoyed seeing all the yummy spots you visited. Second, where did you find your cute corduroy jacket? I love it! And congrats on finding a home here! xoxo

Guided by Veggies says:

Congrats on the house! I love the Portland area, you'll have a blast living there.

Ana Santos says:

Love your vlogs!!!
Just started a blog I would love you checked it out 🙂
Love from Portugal <3

Sarathehipe R says:

Super excited you guys are moving to the PNW! I live up in Tacoma! Can’t wait to see what you guys end up checking out closer to me. Hope one day to meet you guys! 😊❤️

Sheila Gawazuk says:

Can’t wait to see the house!!! A house tour with recipes is a must!!!❤️

Regina Tynique says:

All the food looks so delicious!😍🌱

Nadja Kabbour says:

I really really like you guys! And love it when you do vlogs, because you seem so normal haha. Sometimes when I watch other vegan youtubers I feel like being vegan is not enough. You have to meditate, write a journal everyday, always eat healthy and no junk, have a morning routine that takes forever and so on. Please do more more vlogs because i love them! 😀

Trixie Rose says:

These are my favorite kind of videos! Btw: Loved you on the vegan view!

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