what I eat in a week (vegan, carb-filled, no restrictions) | february 2021

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alternate title: “cheyenne eating bagels for 12 minute straight” *LOL*

hello my loves,

today, I am back with another ‘vegan food I ate this week’! I hope this video gives you some meal inspiration as well as serving as a small reminder that food = fuel, and it’s okay to eat till you’re full! if you’re reading this, please comment down below what *your* favorite meal or snack has been lately. that being said, I thank you for your support, and I’ll see you in my next one (:


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1. Where are you from/where are you based?
I’m from the New York Metro Area, and I go back and forth between there and Swarthmore, PA regularly!
2. What kind of camera do you use?
Sony a6400 w/kit lens
3. How long have you been vegan?
Since I was 13, so ~7 years.
4. What is your major/what do you study?
I’m majoring in Cognitive Science with a minor in Music.


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Romy says:

your voice is so soothing:)

Sam Green says:

It would be cool to skip the honey, seems that it doesn't give that much to call for it in the recipe, especially if you're using the vegan tag to promote this video.

megan strachan says:

Please link the curry recipe, looks incredible! 😀

Amanda Spuler says:

I look forward to your videos so much

Rochenny Myka says:

I love your pans! What brand is that? Thank you

-DearJulie- says:

I love your meal ideas! Please film more of „what I eat” it's so fun to watch 🥰❤️

Emily Roberts says:

Carbs are brain fuel so you body just wanted to gift it’s brain 😂❤️❤️❤️

Emily Roberts says:

Ahhhhh I just love you and your vids so much, your amazing 🤩😱😱❤️❤️

Mercedes Tucker says:

I appreciate the leftovers so much. I am always making food with leftovers and its so nice to see im not the only one 🙂

Kyla Toney says:

clicked so fast 🙂

Ben Black says:

question, why do you use soy free earth balance?

Shannon Valle says:

So much good comfort food! 😍

Sydney Baker says:

I love usually your videos. But the description says carb filled, but all you are talking about is protein?

MontanaDior says:

Sweet Loren’s cookies are crack…😩🙌🏾🥰

Tabitha James says:

I LOVE seeing all the foods you eat 🥺 everything you make really does look super comforting!

makiseluvr !! says:

love the video as always but can we talk about how cute the nail design is🥺

Maria Larson says:

Cereal at night really does hit different

Kaylee Williams says:

what was the vegan Jamaican spot called

Katie says:

everything looked amazing and so satisfying!! thank you for posting this. 💜

Laura Falleiros says:

i love watching this videos, they make me feel so calm, especially yours. thank u for all these amazing food ideas 🥺

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