Vegan Meals On A Budget

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Being vegan doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money, Here are some vegan recipes you can try on a budget.

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Raevin Richardson says:

What happened to the measurements for the oatmeal bars and the zucchini fritters?

Laura J says:

Goodful turning into 5 minute crafts with recycling old content after a few minutes.

Chanelle Thomas says:

I remember there was a poll on what content we'd like to see. They've really taken that into consideration 🙂

Sagar Dutta says:

Come to India and you will find vegetarian/vegan food rules the market

Kyle Lucas says:

This video seems extremely confused on what vegan means. Was this generated by AI or???

Lucas Matos says:

Where in the world some of this things are so cheap, this 2 pieces of tofu would cost like 40R$ (8-9 dollars) gere 🥺

lucinda monger says:

Such good ideas

67 Krithika.k says:

South Indian food is already vegan. We have been eating vegan for ages!!! But the world acts as if foreign countries invented vegan,yoga ,science etc.., sambar,rasam, kaara kozhambu,etc..etc.., yall if you want to be vegan without any difficulties come to south India

Animal Lover says:

I wanted to make the zucchini lentil fritters but you guys didn't post the recipe anywhere.

Niko Wearden says:

ppl don't come to vegan meal videos for pictures of raw animal flesh!!!!

Theresa Akubuilo says:

lol where can i get $0.10 olive oil?👀😂

lexi x says:

why is she always at myrles???

lexi x says:

are they a throuple?

Dominique says:

how did your oat milk not come out slimey!!!

BeccaLife says:

Squeezing the garlic looks so weird.

gloriakmm says:

All the annoying sound effects: why?

Nope, can't says:

Gahh why don't they all list the amounts of ingredients they're using?!

Ashley Taylor says:

I laughed too hard when you said that they were having a conversation in there and you interrupted 😂😂😂

zizi & lau says:


James Owens says:

Idk that going outside and picking grass cost 💰

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