Vegetable Manchurian Recipe | Simple and Easy Veg Manchurian Recipe By Our Grandpa

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Vegetable Manchurian Recipe | Simple and Easy Veg Manchurian Recipe By Our Grandpa

Vegetable Manchurian Recipe | Simple and Easy Veg Manchurian Recipe By Our Grandpa


Eliana Pittner says:

Muito bom mas podia ter tradução

rekleif says:

I am terrified of getting old now. Treat kind spirits like Grandpa like your own family! Greedy and petty people can go kill themself, just because you are a failure(and yes I am one of those fails) does not give you the right to critisize other that make a living here on YT. When did earning a salary become easy? Do it for your own family, and then comment. How many of your fav youtubers own a exotic car (Lambo, McLaren, Ferrari, Bugatti or Koenigsegg?) are you mad about their wealth too?

Beautiful life SSAADJP says:

I’m sandy from America. I am really loved with this grandpa cooking. I already tried to cook his recipes, it’s so tasty. I loved it.

Anne-anne Clem says:

No fancy gadget and you can cook 😉 more than you have a fancy kitchen gadget… I am amazed of your good deed..

Nervik Wreck says:

This mans the food mr beast

Asif Yousaf says:

Amazing keep up. Grandpa should be in a 5 star restaurants with the knowledge he has for Superb cooking

Sister Anthony says:

The camera man is excellent! You can almost taste the deliciousness of the food from his videography!

oko oko says:

Grandpa I Elmo e you

Your dear vegan says:

Don't be so blind, when you see meat you just see food, and you are not seeing all the pain the animals are suffering just for your pleassure, consider the animals, consider going vegan, for real think about it, the taste you are getting is being payed with blood, the animals even suffer more than the worst criminals in prission. If you think it is fun or okay to kill animals, you should be in the jail, the people in the jail are there because they are dangerous for the others, and if you think it is okay to kill animals you are a psychopath. If your moral is good, then you have to consider veganism, becuase it is no moraly all right to rape and murderer animals for your pleassure. If you want to know more about veganism, you can DM me

Suraj pratap Singh says:

Really nice keep it up

krish gamer balli says:

Grandpa belongs to which place?

My Cafe says:

Kya kar rahe ho thank you grandpa for give food to

siddardha tavva says:

I love you️ grand paa❤️

celycanela says:

I miss Our Grandpa 🙏🏽😓

Prince Punk says:

we miss you grandpa

Oman Quriyat says:

😘😋😋😋 👍👍💖❤👌

Fatemeh Tofangi says:


Fatemeh Tofangi says:

Nooshe janeton kocholo ha ye aziz.

Fatemeh Tofangi says:

Hello gode pappa ! Ooohh vad duktig du är. Det ser mycket göt ut de grön saker du använder. Wow.
Varige gång titar på filmen käns lukten hos mig tanx PA !💗⚘💗

NYX says:


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